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Move, Socialize and Play to Earn On IguVerse   



IguVerse is a blockchain gaming app, co-founded by Andriy Tkachiv, Alex Kalinkov and Filip Gajda. It is a pet-centric Play to Earn social-network game that houses the features of move to earn, socialize to earn and play to earn in one app. Social and community elements are enshrined into the gamified app. This in turn allows pet lovers to earn crypto tokens by engaging in their routine social media activities.
Players can earn on IguVerse based on referral as they get a token on each player they refer. Players can also get to choose the different mini-games available in the app and earn in correspondence to their performance and the NFT they own. These mini-games are:

Hide and Seek (Socialize to earn)

In this game, players attaches a pet identification to any content posted on the registered social media platform. By doing this, other game players will see this and verify it through the information the pet identification has provided.

Once this has been done, the players earn the reward token alongside their energy level which will get replenished.
To qualify for this game, a player must have a public profile on social media. Without this, other players will be unable to find a post and participate in the game.

Supported social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Telegram.

Walk a Pet (Move to Earn)

To play this game, player are expected to take their pet for a walk for a stipulated time and distance. Since the pet is virtual and not real, the player is required to take the walk themselves with their devices. The device’s health data and GPS will be accessed to monitor the progress.

Players are rewarded upon the coverage of the stated distance.
This particular game works with the weather of the geographical location of the players. Once the weather is bad, players will be unable to go for the walk and even if they do, it won’t reflect in the app.

Feed a Pet (Play to Earn)

This is an arcade reaction-based game where a particular score has to be reached for the player to complete the task. The main goal of this game is to catch enough pet food as they pop on the screen before they disappear within a particular time frame. It is until the player reaches a certain score by catching a certain amount of pet food within a set time frame that the task is completed. After the task has been completed, the player then gets rewarded.

Real-world Unique tasks (Perform to Earn)

This is a special and exclusive task where users have to engage in a particular special task and get highly rewarded for them. These tasks will be verified manually by the app moderators and only advanced game players will have the access to this feature.

IguVerse has its marketplace where it allows users to buy and sell their pets and other items. Interestingly, filter and sorting features are available on the Marketplace for easy navigation.

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IguVerse has 2 native tokens. $IGU is the governance token and $IGUP is the reward token.

IGU tokens were minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens minted as its maximum supply. IGU tokens are offered to investors in four sale rounds.

The token is a governance token where holders can stake it to vote in the DAO. It is also needed by game players for NFT mints.

In distribution and allocation, 5% goes to seed, 3.5% goes to the private round, 2% to the launch pad private round, 1% to the launch pad public round, 13.5% to the strategic reserves, 12% to the team, 3% to the advisors, 25% to the treasury and ecosystem, 5% to liquidity and the last 30% to the in-game economy.

The reward token $IGUP has an unlimited supply and it is minted based on demand. i.e when players are to be rewarded. It is also burnt for diverse ecosystem actions such as upgrades, level-ups, and purchases. It is also burnt to make it a deflationary token to keep inflation healthy.
As a reward token, it is used to level up pets, buy boosters and other NFT upgrades, breed pets and also give discounts on transactions.

Although still at its planning stage, IguVerse has already secured the partnership of Kaizen finance and game station and its native tokens listed on MEXC Global, Pancake Swap and White Bit. Since the IguVerse app is currently in the embryonic stage, modifications might be effected as deemed fit by the team.

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