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Tank Wars Zone; A Unique PlayToEarn Game on Fantom




GameFi and Metaverse industries are exciting spaces in the cryptoverse. Fantom Network is not well known in those sectors but Tank Wars Zone is poised on changing the narrative. 


Tank Wars Zone, launched on March 23 2022 is a massive project on the Fantom Network that has exciting and visually refreshing features. It is one of the first games on Fantom blockchain and is backed and invested by the Fantom Foundation. The project was created by a team with 8+ years in the cryptocurrency market, and the founding members are the first community validators of Fantom Network. 


It has many investors such as Fantom, HyperChain Capital, CoinLab, and some others.



Tank Wars Zone game system can be broken into four sections: 


  1. A selection of seven classes of tanks with different rarity types and a rank from one to five stars. 
  2. Each tank has a driver with different health, attack power, speed, and armor preset by rank. 
  3. Each player has a base for farming levels, earning tokens, to upgrade their tank weapons, armor, tank tread, and booster fluids. 
  4. Tanks and tank equipment are considered NFTs and can be traded via the marketplace. 


Game mechanics are a control-free turn-based battle system, and players need at least 1 tank to start a battle. There are 3 types of battlegrounds 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. 5v5 battles earn the highest amount of their ecosystem coin, and additional quests are available to earn rewards. There are also many types of interesting game modes such as PvP, PvE, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, Battle Royale, and more. 


Players can provide their tanks for rental, and the rentees will pay to repair any tank damages when they use the tanks in battles. It is set at a fixed interest rate for rentees regardless of whether they use the tanks. Tank equipment can also be added to the tank and have different rarity rankings. Its detailed mechanics make the game interface quite interesting and comparable to a game found on the App Store / Play Store.


Furthermore, tanks can be broken down into different categories such as health, attack, defense, speed, and power. This is on top of the rank, and tank equipment is on the tank.


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Tank Wars Zone uses a dual token system. The two primary tokens are $WBOND and $TGOLD. 

$WBOND is the utility & governance token that players can get through staking, NFT trading, or special events. Its utility includes: 


  • Governance token for investors and players
  • Main token for raising funds
  • WBOND can be staked to earn TGOLD or WBOND itself
  • WBOND Liquidity Pool can be staked to earn WBOND or other Tokens
  • It can be staked to vote in Tank Wars Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • It can be used to trade NFTs such as tanks, accessories, lands, etc.


$TGOLD is the in-game currency that can be obtained through in-game actions, farming, and trading NFTs. Its utility includes: 


  • It can be used to repair and upgrade tanks
  • It is used to buy in-game items
  • It is used to lend and rent tanks
  • $TGOLD will also be implemented in Tank Wars Marketplace for users to trade tanks, accessories, lands along with $WBOND


What do you think of this article? Let’s hear from you in the comment box 


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