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Injective partners with Eclipse to launch first SVM Rollup on Solana



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Layer1 Blockchain Ecosystem Injective has announced the launch of the first-ever Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) rollup for Injective’s ecosystem, in partnership with Rollup provider Eclipse. The announcement was made on Friday, the 31st of March 2023. 

The SVM system was made with the Injective Blockchain Community (IBC) in mind. Integration with the SVM would allow Solana Builders to build and deploy their Solana Smart Contracts and dApps directly to Injective’s blockchain ecosystem, allowing Solana’s developers to go “multichain” with their projects.

The Rollup, dubbed “Cascade” according to the statement, will help “unlock”  the Solana developer ecosystem worth more than $9 billion. 

Described as “ Solana’s parallel smart contract runtime”, the Solana SVM is capable of parallel processing, which is similar to Injective’s blockchain’s framework and core infrastructure. This allows transactions to be processed in the tens of thousands in parallel, rather than one at a time

On Testnet, Cascade will be run by Eclipse, in an SVM  sequence that would receive smart contract deployments from Solana’s command line interface (CLI), as well as transactions from Solana wallets. Blocks generated through this sequencer will be posted to a data availability layer. The goal of this sequence is to see Cascade operate in a permissionless mode, with Injective as the core settlement layer to ensure that the sequencer is executing transactions correctly.

“We continue to be impressed by the pioneering work Injective has done to date around scalability and interoperability,” said Neel Somani, Founder of Eclipse Labs. “The SVM environment will drive a tremendous amount of developer activity and we are excited to bring it into the Cosmos ecosystem for the first time alongside Injective”.

The Rollup is currently life pon Injective’s testnet, while the date for mainnet release has not been revealed, Injective promises it to be “in the near future”. Meanwhile, Injective has made it possible for builders to visit the official Cascade developer docs to get started on the public testnet.

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