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Deepblue; ‘World’s first’ Realistic VR Travel Experience



Deepblue, regarded as the “world’s first realistic VR travel experience” was founded by Bilal Guragac and Mehmet Kaya in January 2022. In Deepblue’s time-traveling metaverse, players have unique journeys and adventures both in history and the future.


It is a Virtual Reality platform that follows a roleplaying game structure with no end in sight. The game is built on the Binance Smart Chain and it utilizes a play-2-earn model where players are rewarded for their work that produces value. Its roadmap is set to be completed in September 2022.



Role play 

The DeepBlue metaverse has an appealing and realistic role play spirit. In the game, players can create destinies and join various professions. In simpler terms, they can become a trader by making trade agreements, they can decide to produce new inventions in the field of science and sell them on the marketplace, or join a long adventure from rookie to general in the military and command real players in real-time battles. No limitations.


Deep City

Another system of the gameplay is Deep City. Here, players are taken on a journey in history that offers them the opportunity to get to know ancient civilizations by living, fighting, commanding, producing and trading.


Some of Deep City’s features are;

  • Territory Control: Players create communities and control the target territory to earn rewards. Massive battles will be organized. Earnings will be distributed after battle to the winning team.

  • Exploration: Players can go through unknown lands to discover barbarian hostiles and earn rewards.

  • PvP Combat: Players can offer duels to other players in the Arena with a real-time audience and can earn rewards after eliminating the opponents in the battleground.

  • Tournaments: Players can fight in the arena or race with a chariot and eliminate other players to earn rewards.


Blue City

In Blue City, the experience is kind of prescient or predictive. Here, human’s way of living has been significantly influenced by technology. Blue City gives an experience of what society might be like 500 years from now.


It is also seen as a lawless place that welcomes all sorts, especially those who seek to break out from their monotonous life and find adventure in virtual reality. Some of its features are;


  • Territory Control: Players create squads and take control of other planets and stars. After controlling the target area, squads need to settle in base and defend it from hostile squads.

  • Exploration: Players can go and visit futuristic communities and face them on the battleground to get the rewards. Also, squads will be able to discover valuable resources in deeper space.

  • PvP Combat: Players can offer duels to other players in Futuristic and Cyber Arenas and earn rewards. Also, squads will fight to take control of the enemy battleships.

  • Tournaments: Players can customize their vehicles and join battles or races which will be held in blue city streets.


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Deepblue metaverse utilizes two tokens – $Depp and $DBG. Depp is the in-game currency, it can be used for character development, armor, vehicle, raw material, and other purchases within the game.


Players can purchase the token with fiat from the website and can also convert the token into $DBG which is tradeable on exchange platforms.


DeepBlueGame (DBG) token is a decentralized digital asset with a total supply of 7,500,000,000. It can be used as tickets for access into an investment opportunity facilitated by the Deepblue metaverse.


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