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BSCPAY is a contactless, borderless and safe cryptocurrency payment technology created by BSC Payments. Customers can use BSCPAY to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency from friends and family members anywhere in the world. BSCPAY’s main goal is to eliminate reliance on unreliable outside sources. The BSCPAY App gives users access to more than 100 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Businesses using cryptocurrencies can also access the modern global financial system via BSC PAYMENTS.

Through the use of its customizable widget, Onramp, developers can integrate the BSCPAY directly into their DEX, NFT platform, wallet, or dApp. By handling all KYC, payments, fraud, and compliance, BSCPAY eliminates the need to link numerous third-party systems.

Every stage of the payment flow designed by BSCPAY is to increase conversions. One of the benefits of using BSCPAY is the fact that users enjoy speedy transactions.  Also on BSCPAY, developers can build projects, get access to improved checkout processes, detection, fraud and issue-level improvements on their projects.

On BSCPAY, users can receive, hold, and withdraw supported coins, purchase cryptocurrencies using credit cards, make bank transfers using USD, EUR, and GBP, instantly exchange cryptocurrencies, purchase physical or digital BSCPAY cards and Invite friends to earn awards as referral bonus.

In addition to this, it allows business organizations and startups to open a business account, using BSCPAY as a payment gateway that seamlessly processes crypto payments.

Key features

These are the key features of BSCPAY:

Global acceptance of crypto and fiat.

BSCPAY supports over 180 currencies with dozens of payment methods. This provides users with an array of payment preferences for them to choose from.

Seamless payout

BSCPAY’s payout has been programmed to ensure speedy transactions. Users, sellers and creators get fast payout irrespective of the crypto or fiat they are transacting.

Confidently Identify users

Through its KYC solutions, BSCPAY helps screen users, bringing on board legitimate users and excluding fraudsters. This also ensures compliance with local regulations and requirements.

Optimize performance

Increase conversion at every stage of the funnel with BSCPAY’S direct issuer integrations and powerful optimization products.

Low Fraud Rate

BSCPAY makes use of powerful machine-learning models that leverage industry-wide data to detect and prevent fraud. This makes product owners have more trust in their users and worry less about bad actors.


BSCPAY Services

On BSCPAY, below are the services rendered on BSCPAY.

Buy and Sell Crypto

On BSCPAY, users can buy crypto with their bank card, sell this crypto and withdraw fiat directly into their bank accounts. Both Visa and Mastercards are accepted. 


Users from over 180 countries can deposit funds via dozens of local payment methods as applicable to their location. They can hold and exchange crypto and fiat in one place. Each wallet can manage more than 100 crypto and fiat assets.

BSCPAY Prepaid Cards

BSCPAY issues both physical and virtual cards and the funds can be spent anywhere Visa is accepted. The assets will be automatically converted to GBP and EUR when payments are made with the card.

Just like regular bank cards, BSCPAY cards can be used for both offline and online transactions. It is contactless and uses 3D Secure as a security layer. This helps protect the card against unauthorized use. As a prepaid card, it is required to top up the card before use.

Stake and Earn

Users can earn up to 350% API on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Cryptocurrencies being held in BSCPAY wallets can yield some income passively.

Form of Payments

There are two forms of payment on the BSCPAY app. These two are:

Payment via QR Codes

Users can make payments by scanning QR codes shown by the merchant and provided by BSCPAY.  This is conducted in 4 steps:

  1. Merchants liaise with BSCPAY to get QR codes for each product.
  2. Users open the BSCPAY app and scan the QR codes
  3. Users then proceed to confirm the transaction from the app
  4. Finally, BSCPAY notifies the Merchant and the user of their payment status.

 Transfer or Send Cryptos

Users can request crypto from others in 3rd party applications. This is called “collection.” This is conducted in 4 steps:

  1. BSCPAY user gives a 3rd party application permission to initiate the transfer with their BSCPAY Wallet
  2. The BSCPAY user makes a collection request from the user of the 3rd party application.
  3. The user then confirms the collection by opening the BSCPAY APP
  4. BSCPAY notifies 3rd party applications of the status of the collection.


How to Deposit Fund

To access BSCPAY’s features and services, a deposit has to be made. Below are methods through which deposits are made.

Card Deposits

This is the best option for purchasing any of the supported cryptocurrencies.  Users can use their bank cards to credit their BSCPAY wallet. The nominal bank charges still apply.

Crypto Transfers

Users can receive deposits from other wallets in supported currencies. BTC transactions take a few hours for all blocks to be confirmed. Transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as ETH, SNX, LINK, LTC, and XRP confirm in less than an hour. The transaction speed is dependent on the network used by the sender. Transactions with cheap transaction fees require longer processing time.  

Card Unloads

Deposits can also be made through the BSCPAY prepaid card. Users can transfer funds from their BSCPAY prepaid card to their BSCPAY wallet at a 0.2% charge.

The BSCPAY has a $20,000 monthly maximum withdrawal amount. This restriction applies to all BSCPAY card loading, bank withdrawals, and cryptocurrency withdrawals. If the user can complete an additional verification created with that particular purpose, the limit can be raised. After the source of funds declaration has been validated, the user is requested to complete a video verification. After then, the limitations will be raised in accordance with the information given.

Users can receive cryptocurrencies into their BSCPAY wallet and send them to external wallets after registering and verifying their account. For bitcoin deposits from an external wallet, there is no maximum limit.  The minimum XRP deposit or withdrawal is 1 XRP, and the minimum BTC, LTC, or ETH deposit or withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC, LTC, or ETH.

Users must transfer enough XRP to cover the required reserve to finance a new XRP address. The current minimum reserve requirement is 20 XRP. A newly generated XRP address will not accept transactions with less than 20 XRP.


The native token of BSCPAY is BSC PAYMENTS ($BSCPAY). As a BEP-20-compliant token, the BSCPAY token will be released on the Binance Smart chain. Users can use the BSCPAY token on the platform by spending it on merchants that support BSCPAY Tokens. Alternatively, they can just hold onto the token for later usage or buy and sell it on open markets. With the help of the payment system BSC PAYMENTS, users can use and spend coins while also benefiting from the coin’s growth in tandem with the system.

$BSCPAY is scheduled to have a Total Supply of 50 million tokens with an initial Supply of 10 million tokens.

In distribution and allocation, 14% goes to research and development, 15% to private and public Sales, 10% to stability pool rewards, 12% to BSCPAY operation and marketing, 15% to marketplace liquidity supply pool, 4% (Locked for 36 months) to developers & Advisors, 10% to user compensation pool, 5% to security and alignment and the final 15% as a reserve for the token burn.

BSCPAY is a global digital currency service provider.  It’s the place where cryptocurrency and fiat worlds meet together to build a strong use case for cryptocurrency.

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