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Early Ordinals Wallet users receives Pixel Pepes airdrop



The Ordinals wallet revealed that the Pixel Pepes NFTs have been airdropped to all users who carried out transactions during the first week of the release of the protocol. Pixel Pepes is an NFT project with a total supply of 500 that was launched on the Solana blockchain in 2021. However, in the wake of the sudden burst in development on the Bitcoin blockchain and the release of NFTs on Bitcoin, Pixel Pepes was released as part of the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. 

Bitcoin Ordinals is a protocol launched on the Bitcoin network in January 2023 by Casey Rodarmor. The protocols allow developers to create non-fungibles out of images, videos, and documents, and there are dedicated marketplaces for these BTC-based NFTs.

After the launch of the Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet on February 16, the Pixel Pepes NFT project was integrated with the wallet, which caused a huge spike in the price of the project. At the time of the announcement by Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet, the floor price of Pixel Pepes NFT was 0.43 BTC. 

Ordinals Wallet and NFT Revolution on Bitcoin

Ordinals Wallet is the first Bitcoin wallet that directly supports Ordinals Inscriptions. The wallet allows users to receive, save, and see Ordinals in their wallets. As of March 1, users may also list Ordinals for sale and make purchases. 

Instead of using a full Bitcoin node, users can carry out transactions using this wallet. Other wallets that support Ordinals include the Xverse wallet, Hiro wallet, Sparrow wallet, and Metamask Generative xyz wallet.

As NFTs continue to flood the Bitcoin ecosystem, firms like Binance (NFT Marketplace), have declared interest in supporting Bitcoin Ordinals on the BNB Chain. It can also be recalled that before the popularity of the word NFTs, in September 2016, Rare Pepes, tokenized assets, were minted on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty, an open-source protocol.

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