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Best Crypto Trading Strategies




Since the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market in 2017, there has been a significant increase in the number of newly developed cryptocurrencies. Each month, innovative coins are launched into this dynamic landscape, presenting enticing opportunities for traders seeking lucrative returns on their investments.

Trading cryptocurrencies involves a familiar concept: buying these digital assets with the intention to sell them at a later time when their value increases—a strategy known as “buy low and sell high.” However, it is important to acknowledge that while substantial profits can be made through trading activities within this realm, it also comes with inherent risks.

These risks stem from various factors such as volatility (cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate rapidly), regulatory uncertainties surrounding certain jurisdictions or specific tokens’ legal status, potential security breaches due to hacking attempts targeting exchanges or individual wallets holding digital currencies. All of these elements require careful consideration by those venturing into the crypto-trading territory.

Nevertheless, amidst these challenges lies immense potential for enterprising individuals eager to navigate the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency markets effectively. 

Because the cryptocurrency market is so volatile, there can be huge price movements in a short space of time. In addition, many crypto exchanges allow traders to use leverage, effectively increasing their potential profits while leading to greater risk. Before getting into trading, it’s important to be aware of the best strategies that will help you avoid risk and maximise your profits. This article explores some trading strategies that anyone can explore to become profitable traders.

Algorithmic Trading

In algorithmic trading, a deal is placed by computer software that adheres to a predetermined set of guidelines, also known as an algorithm. Theoretically, the deal can produce profits at a pace and frequency that are beyond the capabilities of a human trader. You can learn about this technique through an algorithmic trading online programme.

The specified sets of instructions used by the software can be based on a mathematical model, time, pricing, quantity, or any other factor. This helps reduce risks faced by trading while also maximising profit. In addition, algorithmic trading helps to rule out human emotions, which can lead to poor trades.

Event-Driven Trading

Event-driven trading looks to find opportunities in events occurring within the crypto and financial markets. In the cryptocurrency market, media presence and news stories can have a major impact on the price of coins.

For example, a coin being listed on a large exchange could lead to a big increase in trading volume and price. On the other hand, a coin founder being arrested for fraud could cause the value of that asset to plummet. Traders who use this strategy follow the news carefully and either buy or short assets when new stories emerge.


Scalping is an extremely short-term form of day trading, where trades are completed in just a few seconds to a few minutes at most. It’s the practice of opening a position in line with a trend, and many scalpers will enter and exit the market several times as the trend develops.

If you’re an active day trader who spends the day watching the charts, there’s a lot of potential profit to be made from scalping. Volatile markets are particularly ideal for scalpers which makes the crypto market a scalper’s paradise. However, it’s certainly not a strategy for the faint of heart and you’ll need to be very quick.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is a strategy employed over a long period of time to increase your position in a particular market. Instead of looking at market indicators and trying to time the market, it seeks to gain the best possible average price and avoid the impact of high volatility.

With a DCA strategy, instead of investing all of your money in one go, you spread it out over time. So instead of making one trade of $1000, you make several trades over three months. This way, you’re more likely to increase your total holdings. This is ideal if you believe in the long-term future of a coin and aren’t expecting a bull run.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make the most of cryptocurrency trading it’s important to know the best strategies to use. While there are many different ways to trade, some are better suited to certain traders and markets than others. Make sure you always assess the risk of each trade before you complete it and don’t rush in. 

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