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Unstoppable Domains moves to integrate with Fantom 



Fantom announced its integration with Unstoppable Domains on Friday, 7th October 2022. This move, as Fantom said, would enable users to get a universal web3 address via domain name purchase. 

Fantom is a layer-1 EVM-compatible platform built on an aBFT consensus protocol. The Fantom network promises speed, low transaction costs, and high throughput for its users on DeFi applications and use cases. 

Users on the Fantom platform have been using complex mnemonic wallet addresses that complicate activities like payments. Also, the 42-character long addresses make it difficult for users to tie their identity to their wallet in the case of a web3 platform account verification or while claiming reputation-based rewards.

Unstoppable Domains was launched in 2018 as an NFT domain name provider and digital identity platform aiming to onboard a vast community of users into Web3. The NFT domains offered by the Unstoppable Domains are minted on the blockchain to give users ownership and control of their digital identity, attracting no fees. 

Users can register an address of their choice on the Unstoppable Domains platform, which they store on their wallet as ERC-721 tokens, just like NFTs. Users who hold the address retain sole rights to the NFTs and use it as a username, FTM crypto address, etc. 

Benefits of Unstoppable Domains

According to the announcement, users would gain:

  • Digital identity across web3 platforms.
  • No separate addresses for multiple wallets 
  • Simple, secure logins
  • Proof of identity
  • No renewal of fees

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