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How to participate in zkSync Airdrop



zkSync is an open-source trustless protocol for scalable, low-cost payment on Ethereum. It is powered by zkRollup technology. It utilizes zero-knowledge proofs and on-chain data availability with the aim of keeping users’ funds safe. 

The protocol prioritizes user security and designs for a better user experience. It features Mainnet-level security with zero reliance on 3rd Parties. In addition, it allows for ETH and ERC20 token transfers with instant confirmations and a 10-minute finality rate. 

The official token of zkSync is called $ZKS.


Participate in zkSync Airdrop

Currently, the best chance to be a part of the $ZKS #airdrop is by interacting with the Testnet.

Here are a few protocols you can Interact with to receive the zkSync airdrop.

Get the RPC Configuration

The easiest method to do this is via this link:

  • Connect your Wallet 
  • Turn on the Testnet button
  • Search for zksync 
  • Click add to network and accept the transactions that appear


1. Interact with the zkSync testnet

 Visit this link

When you have visited the site, here are the actions you should follow:


2. Bridge to ZkSync

Visit the link:

Follow the following actions:

  • Connect your wallet
  •  Bridge funds to zkSync
  • Make transactions between wallets


3. Interact with zkSync Dapps

Connect to the Zigzag DEX

Follow these actions 


4. Interact with Pinata Cloud

Pinata Cloud is an NFT platform on zkSync 



5. Interact with Argent 

 Argent is a wallet service that is supported by zkSync

Follow these actions:

  • Set up an Argent wallet
  • Add funds via Zksync
  • Invest through Argent

Argent Wallet can be installed via Apple and Google Play app stores 



6. Interact with ZK NFTs

ZKNFT is an NFT marketplace supported by zkSync

Follow these actions:

  • Go to ZkNFT
  •  Connect wallet
  •  Mint/Swap an NFT


7. Interact with Gitcoin

Gitcoin is a web3 funding platform.

Follow these actions:

  • Go to gitcoin
  • Choose a grant to donate
  • At checkout, pay with zkSync



Final Thoughts 

There are more dapps building on the zkSync network that you can interact with. You can also check them out via this link:

Read also;


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