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Navigating Web3: A Confluence of Gaming & Crypto Minds in Lagos



technology gaming crypto Web3 || Join 'The Web3 Summit in Africa' on Oct 28th to explore the future of gaming and Web3. Engage, network, and shape the gaming & crypto landscape in Africa.

In the dynamic intersection of technology, gaming, and the crypto sphere, 2023 has been a year of both challenges and opportunities. The bearish market has prompted innovators to rethink strategies and explore new horizons. 

In the heart of this transformative period, wherein data shows $600M has flowed into Web3 gaming in Q3, and unique active addresses surged by 12% in the same period, Aqua Labs and Gamic are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking event, ‘The Web3 Summit in Africa,’ set to take place on Saturday, 28th October, 2023, at PopCentralTv 18b, The Rock Drive, Lekki Phase 1.

This collaborative effort aims to bring together thought leaders, enthusiasts, and pioneers from the gaming and web3 community. Sponsored by industry titans and supported by esteemed community partners including Digital Abundance (DABA), WomenInDeFi, SiBAN, CryptoMasterClass, GrindandEarn, and CryptoTvplus etc, the event promises a deep dive into the future of the evolving landscape.

Distinguished speakers will grace the stage to share their insights and experiences. Among them are Chris Ani, CEO of DABA, Tola Joseph, founder of CryptoMasterClass, Gold Peters from Grind and Earn, Akin from Stake Fair, Tony Emeka, CEO of CryptoTvplus, Franklin Peters from Grind and Earn, Wisdom Matic, a renowned Crypto Trader & Influencer, and Zebulun Ajayi, Editor-in-Chief at Women in DeFi.

The goal is clear – to explore the influence of Web3 and crypto in Lagos (Nigeria) and Africa. This event seeks to foster an inclusive environment, welcoming everyone who is intrigued or enthusiastic about the potential of gaming and blockchain coming together. 

Participants can anticipate engaging panel discussions, immersive Crypto Gaming Learning experiences, ample networking opportunities, enjoyable activities, delectable food and drinks, and an array of additional offerings.

Gamic and Aqua Labs cordially invite you to join us for a transformative experience. The Web3 Summit in Africa is more than just an event; it is a gateway to understanding, networking, and shaping the future.

Save the date – October 28th – and let us embark on this journey together. Together, we will unlock the infinite possibilities that lie at the crossroads of gaming and Web3 in Africa. For seat reservation, register HERE.

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