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SocialFi: Walk, Jog, Earn with exclusive NFT Sneakers on Amazy



Amazy is a SocialFi platform with intriguing move-to-earn and play-to-earn features designed to bring together people who desire to explore the world of defi and web3, rewarding them for their time and engagement. The app is built on the idea of innovating individuals daily activities involving movement to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle and get introduced to cryptocurrencies/Blockchain.

The team behind Amazy has the cofounder of Azur games, Artem Nikolaev, as its cofounder. The Amazy apps run on an open, user-owned Blockchain, allowing everyone to own and exchange their assets. In Amazy, users can connect, have fun or work towards common goals, which could earn them rewards that they can trade for real value.

What to Know About Amazy

A Web3 platform: Amazy is a web3 platform with a move-to-earn lifestyle app that rewards app users for engaging on the platform and contributing to the ecosystem.

User-owned economy: The Amazy economy is at a 100% user-owned rate. The developers also focus on growing the platform economy from user to user. As a user-owned economy, it channels commissions from the trading floor to the community treasury. This treasury reward pool is distributed for the benefit of AZY holders. Amazy developers are eligible to earn when they own a portion of the AZY tokens.

Marketplace: Users on Amazy can create apps and sell them to newbies or older users on the platform’s marketplace. The team designed Amazy like a shopping mall where users have the freedom to prove their creativity and earn from them. Also, in-app resources and items are tokenized. That is, they can be transferred or sold peer-to-peer for crypto tokens to anyone in the market.

Features of Amazy Move-to-earn App

Anti-cheat system: Amazy can detect devices that have been hacked, have OS changes, or reflashed; these devices could cause a malfunction on Amazy. Amazy game will use three mechanics to detect and suppress cheating: GPS, motion sensor and health data, and Amazy’s Anti-Cheating System (AMAC) Artificial Intelligence. Activities considered to be cheating include GPS manipulation, hacking attempt, movement simulation, using multiple phones while running the Amazy app in walk mode simultaneously, and using animals for walks.

Sneakers: These are the NFT wearables for users on Amazy. The sneakers are divided into rarity, attributes, and types. Attributes of sneakers are Performance, Fortune, Joy, and Durability. Performance determines tokens per energy the user gets, and fortune is the user’s probability of getting chests and chips. While joy and durability, determines the speed of energy burning and the sneaker damage, respectively.

The attributes can be improved using either of the four chip slots available on the platform. Other classifications include Types: Ranger, Hiker, Sprinter and Coacher, Rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Energy: This element of the app makes up for the calculation of token accrual or chip chests based on the energy burned during movement. The higher the energy a user burns, the higher the rewards they get. Starting without NFT sneakers equals 0 energy. Meanwhile, 0 is the highest daily limit. When the first sneaker purchase is made, the maximum energy limit increases and gradually regenerates to the highest daily limit. Maximum energy can be increased by holding extra NFT sneakers.

Chips and Chests: Chip slots are unlocked when users level up the sneaker; Chip slots, when opened, can improve sneaker attributes. Each pair of sneakers has four slots, but users cannot deploy two chips of the same type for one pair. Users can obtain chips from the chests or the marketplace. The probability of getting the chest depends on the user’s luck attribute and the energy spent per walk; this also determines the likelihood of getting valuable chips.

Marketplace: this is a section where users buy and sell their NFT sneakers, boxes, and chips. The price of items in the marketplace is valued in BNB, and as a fully blockchain-based platform, users must sign out the transaction from their wallet before processing it. Sneakers with 100% durability are the only eligible sneakers to be put up for sale, which requires users to repair their sneakers before they place them up for sale. A 5% commission is deducted from each transaction on the marketplace. These funds will go to the community treasury.

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Amazy Lifestyle App Tokens

Amazy has two tokens, AZY and AMT. AZY is a BEP-20 token, and It is the Amazy universe governance token. AZY has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, and users can stake AZY to earn rewards on the platform and receive AZY tokens as special rewards.

AZY aids the smooth distribution of rewards generated from growth and development activities in the AMAZY platform among users, developers, and token holders.

AMT is the in-ap token, and it has an unlimited supply. Users earn AMT when they perform an activity in the app and utilize energy. AMT uses a burn mechanism that occurs when users perform a sneaker mint or other in-app transactions with AMT.

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