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GameFi: Play, Own and Be yourself on Wombat



Wombat is a Web 3 gaming platform that facilitates the ongoing paradigm shift focusing mainly on gamers’ needs, simplicity, security and comfort. Wombat aims to reduce the entry barriers encountered by aspiring blockchain gamers.
In achieving this, the Wombat App is put in place with its integrated functionalities optimized for gamers. These in-app functions are Wallet, NFT Gallery, NFT Marketplace, Game Rewards (Womplay), Dapp Explorer, Token Swaps and Fiat on- and off-ramps.
Wombat allows gamers to find new games which offer crypto tokens or NFTs as an incentivization for their gaming efforts. It also allows gamers to store, manage, transfer and interact with these earned digital assets, and share their game progress and their earned NFTs with their gaming community or fellow gamers.

In addition to all these, users can trade, lend, borrow, stack, or swap these tokens and NFTs into fiat currencies on established exchanges or third-party marketplaces with access to Defi ecosystems with their native digital assets.
In addressing the problem of mass-market games, Wombat has partnered with leading publishers and game studios from the traditional (Web 2) gaming space and the blockchain-based (web 3) gaming space. This has led to the integration of 20 publishers with over 40 games into the wombat app as of June 2022.
The Wombat Mobile App
The Wombat App is a step board through which gamers can easily tap into blockchain-based games and their assets. It also provides users with private key backups, simple ways of treating and swapping NFTs, fiat on- and off-ramps by other regulated providers, and much more.
The Wombat App supports different blockchain networks and continues to integrate technologies with strong adoption in the Gaming & NFT space. This facilitates the interoperability of the Wombat App as digital assets managed (NFTs) can be transferred from one blockchain to another in a user-friendly and barrier-free way. At the time of publication, the following are supported blockchains:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • BNB Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom
  • Heco
  • WAX
  • EOS
  • Telos

In reducing the entry barrier and making entry easier, Wombat has simplified users’ experience when using these networks. An example of this is the payment of gas fees of transactions based on EOS, WAX and Telos blockchain.
The Wombat App currently offers an exclusive service called Wombat Prime. This offer is unlocked through a monthly subscription and it allows users to sign 10x as many transactions daily on blockchain networks supported with free transactions. Subscribers also get to enjoy cashback for crypto purchases via the Wombat App and boosted Wombat Earn rates.
Core Features Of Wombat

Wallet / Keys
The Wombat App is a non-custodial wallet for its users. The private keys to the wallet are stored securely on the user’s device. They can also be retrieved and stored by the users themselves. In addition, the Wombat App automatically backs up users’ private keys using the user’s Dropbox or GDrive account.
The wallet can also be used to store and manage cryptocurrencies across all wombat-supported blockchains, ERC-20 tokens inclusive.

dApp Explorer
The Wombat App houses a Dapp Explorer where users can access and interact with decentralized apps dApps on any of the wombat-supported blockchain networks. To achieve this, Wombat supports open authentication standards like Web3, Scatter or Anchor. This also fosters and makes easy the interoperability of assets across any Dapps supporting those assets. Some of the dApps supported by Wombat are Uniswap, Sushiswap, PancakeSwap, Compound, OpenSea, AtomicHub, The Sandbox and Decentraland.

NFT Gallery
The NFT Gallery functions as the central inventory of NFTs and their value. It is the app’s native platform that fosters basic interactions with NFTs across blockchain networks.
Through the NFT gallery, users can transfer or burn NFTs (if allowed by the NFT) or put them up for sale on a default marketplace. At the time of writing, the default marketplaces are OpenSea and AtomicHub).
Wombat Social features

Users can follow each other to be notified about NFTs’ activities. When two users follow each other, they become friends within the Wombat and can exchange messages with each other

NFT Feed
This is a stream of activities that users get to see based on certain events on NFTs owned by users they follow. These events may include the reception of a high-value item or the sale or purchase of certain NFTs.

Wombat users can exchange messages with friends. It can be to negotiate NFT prices or congratulate them on successes.

Gift NFTs
Wombat allows users to send NFTs as a wrapped gift to other users. They will have to unwrap the NFT before they can see what’s inside

Womplay Game Reward System
Womplay serves as the interface between the traditional gaming world and the world of blockchain-based games. Gamers are rewarded with Wombucks. Wombucks can be earned through the following ways:

These are timed competitive elements in Womplay in which players can earn cryptocurrency in addition to their Wombucks. Multiple challenges are held weekly and the rewards are shared based on performance.

These are single-user, one-time elements in which users must fulfil a condition within the Womplay Gaming Reward system to claim a reward. It might be to download a particular game or to reach a particular level in a game. Qualified users are rewarded with Wombucks, NFTs or cryptocurrency.

This is another timed competitive element that is based on NFTs that must have been earned on Womplay or bought on an NFT marketplace. Missions make use of NFT-related attributes such as their power or kindness. Some of these attributes are modifiable in Womplay after paying a Wombucks fee.
Womplay users are rewarded with NFTs for fulfilling certain conditions or reaching milestones within games. NFTs are distributed to all games on the platform.

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Wombat tokenomics
$WOMBAT is the native token on the Wombat ecosystem. It is a multi-chain utility token that supports the Wombat ecosystem for gamers and game creators. WOMBAT tokens are minted on the Ethereum blockchain with a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. Although Ethereum-related bridges like the Polygon bridge are used to enable simple, fast and cheap transactions for Wombat Users.
$WOMBAT can be used to pay for Wombat prime. $WOMBAT can also be staked by owners to have access to the services provided by Wombat prime. As a multi-utility token, $WOMBAT also serves as a governance token as it allows users to influence certain decisions about the ecosystem through their vote in the community pool.
In distribution and allocation, 30% of the total supply goes to community reward allocation, 5% to seed, 10% for the strategic round, 9% for liquidity, 15% for the company, 10% to the team, 1% to public sale and the final 20% to the ecosystem allocation.
Wombat founded by Adrian krion has partnered with both traditional gaming firms and blockchain gaming firms, Examples of these firms are Wargaming, GOAT games, Big point, Plarium, Inno Games, Travian Games and Igot games.

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