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Play-to-Earn; Top GameFi Launchpads



With over 50 launchpad tokens on CoinMarketCap, here are top GameFi launchpads and their unique features. is a community-driven Blockchain-powered innovative hub with exceptional features like the decentralized incubator, DAO-driven seed fund, and launchpad.
Participation in the decentralized incubator is through the DAO voting system. Those who stake or farm sFund; the token also become eligible for IDOs.

Features available on the platform

  • Funding pool: specially designed for funding projects and earning rewards by starkers and experts actively involved in the community.
  • Incubator: projects are fully voted for by the community and if successfully selected will be aided in all levels.
  • DAO: community-driven and operate on a standard of 1:1 governance ratio for decision-related matters and in line with the gaming system.
  • Staking: a deflationary staking method that rewards tokens from incubated projects without the token supply increased.
  • Project selection workflow: it’s an 8 step process which goes from the application, review/verification, upload, research/Introduction, voting, seed funding, distribution to onboarding which is the final stage.
  • Launchpad: IGO/IDO from seed funding to incubation down to launchpad which is the final stage.


GameFi is the first IGO launchpad with tools to facilitate the adoption of blockchain games.
As a platform, they are taking the blockchain leap towards a structure for Blockchain/Crypto games to advance their project output by offering pre-designed and ready to integrate smart contracts with NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics.

GameFi is a network for game finance open to blockchain gamers, investors, and traders. The networks’ launchpad is exclusively for games and has become the yield guild for gamers.

On the GameFi platform, game projects access well-built holder and player relations, with their games getting fast adoption and play-centric funding for development.

Investors can now have first-hand access to games, tokens, and much better liquidity for game assets.

Simple games can be accessed on the launchpad by crypto greenhorns and help them get acquainted with play-to-earn and NFTs, players can also track games easily and provide a liquid market for all game items.


StarTerra is the first gamified IDO platform on Terra with over 7 core team leads working on the StarTerra universe to connect high-quality projects with their target audience.
As a launchpad exclusively designed for games, the platform operates on a community approach and built-in features that have proposed exceptional contribution to the market, overtime.

The StarTerra Launchpad operates on a tier system and every step is aimed at solving the problem of demand many launchpads are faced with.

What they do differently:

  • Gamify IDO with a tier system
  • Gamify NFT integration
  • Make available IDO projects
  • Run a deflationary tokenomics
  • 20% yield non-deposits
  • Play to earn


SafeLaunch is a decentralized venture capital platform that aims at solving today’s fundraising problems by combining launchpad, reserved-backed project incubator, and other platforms’ unique ways to give early projects all needed to thrive in their selected market.
As blockchain innovations sprout, SafeLaunch works behind the scene to give investors a myriad of investment opportunities and to project devs a scale-through in the market hurdle.
What they do:
SafeLaunch proffers market solutions to their community who hold SFEX tokens and an eligibility to participate in IDOs and funding raising for projects. The solutions we are looking at includes:

  • Incubator launchpad
  • Protection of investors
  • Yield farming
  • Private allocation
  • Venture capitalist
  • Instant use cases

Projects whose application is successfully received by SafeLaunch launchpad can access advisory team counsel, audits, marketing, and market penetration.

As their launchpad tier launches soon, here is how it works:
The higher the number of tokens the higher the first-hand benefit or greater base allocation.
For example, a participant who is on the 6th tier which is labeled the ‘Tycoon tier’ buys a total of 25000 SFEX and is entitled to 18x base allocation.


Enjinstarter is a Web. 3.0 driven gaming launchpad, that believes in the world of the creatives and pedals towards creating a world where creators have all they need to bring their creativity to light in a world away from real-life limitations.

To continuously give her community access to quality projects, the platform has launched a scout program as part of their ecosystem where participants:

  • Identify brilliant ideas and amazing teams
  • Show the identified teams how Enjinstarter can aid their success
  • To Shortlist projects that match the launchpad vision
  • Introduce them to the Enjinstarter team and accelerator program

With a core team experienced in gaming, Enjinstarter is already launched into space.

Furthermore, game creators can earn the Enjinstarter token by selling NFTs or participating in the ecosystem.


Gamestarter is a game Launch platform, NFT marketplace with the native token $GAME.

This Blockchain-Based launchpad is a place where game devs raise funds for their projects by trading their unique in-game assets or point as NFT, it has an NFT marketplace where successfully launched projects’ NFTs are traded.

What they offer:

  • Funding raising opportunities while retaining full equity and IP
  • New revenue streams
  • Establishing rich token-based economy to power transactions and earning
  • Effective marketing tools

Are there features peculiar to Gamestarter world that drives its adoption?

The project has curated several problems facing the gaming market, and some highlighted problems include fundraising for indie developers, expensive gas fees, and buying of NFTs.

The platform provides yield generating NFTs to increase earning/ earning programs. Through high standard screening provide expert-rated projects to boast community advantage.

These and additional revenue streams, fundraising/idea funding, game engagement, and community growth are ways the platform seeks to or has solved the problems identified.


As developers struggle to adapt or maximize the blockchain technology Gamiworld launchpad combines gaming and blockchain to bring developers and industries into the gamefi space by making available the innovative solutions of blockchain.

The platform is set out to provide a gateway where gamers can use/trade in-game tokens of launched projects..

Game developers can trade their in-game assets as NFTs and gamers can personalize and exchange these items through the decentralized feature.
Projects receive funding and participate in their ecosystem to earn while doing what they love.
The platform consists of two divisions:

  • Incubation: has eight stages cutting across Marketing, NFTs, Gaming, Blockchain Development, Finance, Private Sale, DeFi, and Bridge partner.
  • Launchpad: where projects launch their IDOs.

How it works:
Gami World uses the launchpad tier system where projects stake $GAMI; the ecosystem utility token, to participate on the launchpad. Considerations are made based on the involvement in the tier system.

The play to earn model is gaining critical adoption across the industry and is expected to keep growing.

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