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From China to the Philippines. From Brazil to Nigeria and across the globe. How many people will see the possibilities of earning an income from gaming?

Let’s do a dive into a platform that makes this easy for just anyone. 


Earnathon is a platform that allows you the opportunity to access various blockchain functionalities. Of its numerous opportunities, the most used is the learn to earn product. 

It allows users to explore the ecosystem and world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how they subsequently can earn. It details in explanation how the world of cryptocurrency works and how to earn tokens from learning.  

It starts off with a video tutorial that carefully details how the website works and how to take the most advantage of it. 

One of the very interesting courses on the learn to earn platform discusses the world of meme coins. From explaining what they are to how they work. Learners can earn up to 400000 WKD on this course. 

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For new users, they have to follow the steps

1. Sign Up to an account on Earnathon 

2. Watch the tutorial video

3. Take a quiz to qualify for earning

4. Perform other tasks to earn also.

5. Then set up a wallet to receive tokens

Updates coming soon

The GameFi Hub and the Guild 

These are being developed and are to be launched soon. This will increase the acceptance of Africans and non-africans of gaming as it concerns play to earn. 


The decentralized cross chain platform that will enable emerging P2E & NFT products to gain access to investors and raise capital. This will allow investors to come into the emerging markets like the African and Asian markets much easier. 

Play to Earn Aggregator

This is a single dashboard where Earnathon community can access and play multiple P2E games to earn income.

With more updates coming up over the next few months, it is great to recognize that a platform like Earnathon will be able to get non crypto natives in emerging markets in Africa and Asia to a new level of acceptance of the blockchain technology. 

What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 

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6 months ago

I really can’t wait for an opportunity to show the rest of the world that Africans and good gamers, also this golden opportunity would uplift the ever dying economy of African states


[…] Gaming for Economic Development: The Earnathon Ecosystem  […]


[…] Gaming for Economic Development: The Earnathon Ecosystem  […]


[…] Gaming for Economic Development: The Earnathon Ecosystem  […]


[…] Gaming for Economic Development: The Earnathon Ecosystem  […]


[…] Chơi game để phát triển kinh tế: Hệ sinh thái Earnathon […]


[…] Gaming for Economic Development: The Earnathon Ecosystem  […]

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