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Five (5) Reasons/Ways Revolve Games is Redefining GameFi



Revolve Games is play-to-earn blockchain gaming, with a robust gaming ecosystem that is plugged into the heart of DeFi with actionable RPG stake tethered NFT assets earns rewards according to performance.

Here in this article, we shall be exploring 5 things that are super interesting about the latest developments of the Revolve Games.

1. Cross-chain Interoperability

The game is built to be accessible and functional with a lot of networks. It’s being able to work on common networks will allow users access to other functionalities within the metaverse as is.

This building is now more mainstream among game builders and developers now to ensure unification of purpose for all gaming platforms.

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2. Building the Interplanetary Metaverse

Revolve Games has partnered with Dutch Gaming studios, a powerhouse of creativity and innovation in gaming.

They have created together with a team of over 12 full-time game developers, that are focused solely on building the Revolve metaverse.

The revolve Metaverse is to be an interplanetary Metaverse where land and assets are to be available from one planet to another.

Users will be able to teleport from one planet to another to monitor their assets and also to make the game progress.

Five (5) Reasons Ways Revolve Games is Redefining GameFi

3. Build Games Across the planets

Users will be able to mint RPG tethered game builder asset packs and build games on top of purchased or rented land on planets.

These games can then be shared across users and the more spoken about and played they are, the higher the staking that’s possible for the creator.

4. Building Game Creator Packs

An SDK will allow whitelisted users to create their own game builder asset packs. This is made available to all users on the gaming platform.

The developers will then be able to monetize their game builder packs. This is a development that will allow gamers to build their own games.

This revolutionary system will make the ecosystem one of the best to be in when it’s all fully functional.

5. Metaverse Development packs

Users will be able to create parallel Metaverses which will exist within the interplanetary Revolve Games multiverse.

Each built Metaverse will have its own uniqueness and unique assets that are enabled to be interoperable across the existing Metaverses.

When traversing Metaverses, the assets styles will change to suit the theme of the corresponding metaverse.

These developments are quite a thing to wonder about. They will change how people interact with the metaverse. Watch out.

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