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Where to Swap USDT For Other Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria



Want to add other coins to your portfolio? Read up on the best platform to swap USDT for other cryptocurrencies. 

Imagine you’re in a maze, collecting treasures. However, you can’t see where you will land next or whether you stand the chance of losing your gathered treasures when you make the next turn.

This is what it feels like to be in the crypto space — from dusk to dawn, the market is active and constantly changing. But, thankfully, you can finally have some safety net to convert all those crypto treasures you’ve gathered until you decide where you want to invest them next. And this is what USDT is like

 This post discusses where you can easily swap USDT for other cryptocurrencies to help your crypto journey and improve your portfolio. Take a read.

What is USDT Swapping?

 If you’ve ever felt like the crypto space is too fast-paced for you, USDT is a relatively safe coin to invest in and easily swap out of when you’re ready to dive properly into crypto. 

 It’s also wise to withdraw your investments from a crypto coin you’re not confident in and put them in USDT until you assess the market and can easily reinvest in it. 

Swapping USDT for other crypto is a better alternative to making market moves than converting to cash and re-converting to crypto. To swap your USDT for other cryptocurrencies, you need to use the most reliable option in the market.

As this seemingly appears daunting for some crypto traders, especially newbies, let me introduce you to the most basic yet functional app to help you safely and efficiently enhance your portfolio. 

Top Platform for Swapping USDT to Other Cryptocurrencies in Nigeria

 Breet is a crypto exchange focusing on Crypto-to-Cash and Crypto-to-Crypto trading. It’s a platform that focuses on over-the-counter trading, entirely different from the regular centralised crypto exchange platforms you probably know.

 Available to users in Nigeria and Ghana, Breet makes exchanging your crypto for another crypto a breeze.

You can access over 170+ trading pairs with a simplified yet efficient method. Breet is designed using state-of-the-art technology and is extremely fast and convenient. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Swapping USDT For Other Cryptocurrencies

 First and foremost, visit your Google Play Store or iOS App Store to download the Breet app. Another viable option is to register directly on the web app

 Registration takes no time at all; just follow the prompts, and you’re all set. Next is your verification process: Just provide some required government-issued documents to legitimise your registration. 

Now, you’re ready to swap USDT like no man’s business — just follow these few steps: 

  1. Select Your Cryptocurrencies: On the ‘Homepage’ dashboard, select the crypto-to-crypto option; you’ll be redirected to a crypto-to-crypto page. Pick the crypto coins you want to exchange. For example, If you want to exchange USDT for Bitcoin, select USDT as the coin to send and input the amount of USDT you want to convert to BTC.

     You’ll be given the estimated amount of BTC. Then, you can choose between a fixed exchange rate and a floating exchange rate. With fixed exchange rates, you get the exact amount as displayed, but with Floating exchange rates, you may get more or less than the displayed amount. 

  2. Enter the receiving address: If, for example, you’re converting to BTC, copy and paste that BTC wallet address. When doing this, be sure to send the accurate wallet address. 
  1. Confirm all transaction details: It’s time to review everything once again to ensure accuracy. 
  1. Deposit the USDT into your Breet USDT wallet: At this point, the transaction status will be “Awaiting Deposit.” You can send the desired USDT amount to your Breet USDT wallet, which is automatically generated upon sign-up.

    Simply copy and paste your wallet address into the account that holds your USDT or scan your QR code to extract your address.  

  1. Wait to receive your coin: The transaction status will change to “Confirming Deposit”. This takes just a few minutes. Once confirmed, the exchange will begin, and after that, your coin will be sent to the receiving address you put in. 


 Swapping your USDT to any crypto of choice is a smooth process with Breet. Just follow the steps highlighted in this post, and you’ll be well on your way to seamless trading.

Don’t take my word for it—take the first step by downloading the Breet app to see for yourself. 


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