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Engines of Fury; the action-packed P2E arena battler



There are varieties of play-to-earn in the GameFi space, some rely on grinding endlessly, and some rely simply on trading and buying in-game plots of land. Engines of Fury, on the other hand, is where gamers can have fun playing while also earning money.

Engines of Fury is an action-packed play-to-earn arena battler founded by Petras Nargela and Arnas Jonikas. The game allows players to engage in exciting PvP and PvE duels set in a gorgeous 3D rendered world where they can win tokens, forge NFTs, and earn profits. Engines of Fury’s mission is to create an addictive and engaging game that would tackle one of the key problems in current crypto games – being repetitive, boring, unimpressive art-wise, and with no real gaming experience. 

They say that great games are built by great teams and Engines of Fury is no exception. The team is composed of seasoned professionals, ex-founders, and board members of game development studios, marketing, and UX/UI agencies. They have an impressive list of partners too: Double Peak Group, DWeb3 Capital, Kyros Ventures, Metrix Capital, Good Games Guild, BTC12 Capital, Meta Gaming Guild, IceTea Labs, LD Capital and Animoca Brands.

The team of ardent game developers and industry-leading experts created an alluring game with enthralling 3D visuals, an incredible art style, lifelike animation to keep players immersed in the game, and an intuitive and unambiguous UI/UX. As a next-gen NFT play-to-earn game, seeking to redefine the philosophy of regular blockchain games, Engines of Fury is bringing to the space, distinctive gameplay similar to conventional games but a more sophisticated artistic layout that will meet and exceed users demand.

How to earn on Engines of Fury

Gamers need some $FURY tokens to start the journey. They basically need to buy a champion, then try out any of the available game modes. Spending a bit more time in the Training Ground mode at first to learn the game mechanics and find out which strategies and item combinations work best is suggested.

Then they can proceed to explore other modes in which the $FURY tokens (used in all facets of EoF gameplay) would be needed.

  • Boss Fight PvE mode: Users pay a small entry fee in $FURY tokens to enter the battle against an arena BOSS. If they triumph, they receive tokens as a reward, as well as a chance to get items or recipes for crafting powerful NFTs.
  • Main gameplay – PVP multiplayer: They can fight one player or enter a tournament. In a 1v1 battle, they are provided with an opportunity to win the opponent’s staked tokens, but if a tournament is won(a playoff against multiple players) apart from the tokens, NFTs can also be won.

Other ways to earn money

Apart from the main gameplay loop of EoF, there are additional ways of earning the $FURY tokens:

  • Buying an arena or a share of an arena allows the earning of passive income by receiving a commission from winners’ fees
  • Completing weekly achievements
  • Reporting bugs and bots
  • Entering a referral program

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Engines of Fury NFTs

Engines of Fury has rare/legendary items such as weapons and armor in the form of NFTs, which are unique in terms of looks and characteristics. Players can sell, gift, or exchange those NFTs with other Ethereum wallet users directly on the platform, or on the third-party NFT marketplace. If an NFT is won or crafted, it is not compulsory to wait for a buyer in the NFT marketplace. Gamers can destroy the NFT and exchange it for $FURY tokens.


The game economics revolves around $FURY, an ERC-20 token. With the token, players can participate in one-on-one fights and tournaments by staking tokens before fights and winners will be charged a small percentage (2%) of their earnings as a ‘winners fee’. The token allows the purchase of armor/weapon NFTs from the EoF Marketplace and other players. Users can buy arenas with the native token and receive a commission from players fighting in the arenas. Gamers can:

  • Earn rewards in $FURY for playing Engines of Fury and completing achievements and quests.
  • Stake $FURY tokens in duels against other players. Win and earn.
  • Forge items (NFTs) with $FURY to improve heroes, increasing the chances to win in combat.
  • Sell items (NFTs) for $FURY in the marketplace or melt (destroy) them to receive $FURY tokens instead.
  • Buy arenas with $FURY and earn passive income from other players fighting in them.

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