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Mushroom Mania; Defeat Monster, Solve Puzzles, Collect Magic Essence in the Fantasy World



Mushroom Mania is a project supported by The Sandbox’s Game Maker Fund. It is a shrunken-perspective mushroom-themed adventure collect-a-thon game. A platform replete with exploration experience set in an oversized amazing, beautifully designed, fantasy mushroom forest world.

Mushroom Mania is developed by Altitude Games. And the developers created a unique and multi-layered experience where players find themselves in a giant mushroom forest. There is plenty to explore and discover in this vast, shroomy wilderness, which has been so beautifully designed and features many fantastically-made custom ASSETs.

“Our larger-than-life mushrooms are cute and colorful, and we’ll be showing intricate details for giant trees, towering blades of grass, huge flowers, and other oversized objects that are normally too small to see.”

– Mushroom Mania development team.


In Mushroom Mania, the player has been shrunken by a mischievous witch. The player must explore the wilderness in their shrunken form, complete tricky puzzles and defeat dangerous hordes of mushroom monsters. Gamers must defeat mushroom monsters, clear puzzles, and explore the giant wilderness to find all the magical essences. Completing all of these challenges will reward the player with the magical essence and other secret items that are needed to make the cure which will reverse the spell that has been put upon them and go back to being a normal-sized human.

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Unique Features of Mushroom Mania

  • Explore multi-layered platform levels: In Mushroom Mania, gamers can experience a fantasy mushroom world as a shrunken player and traverse grassy plains, dark caves, and a whimsical forest. Run, jump, and climb across the forest floor surrounded by giant trees, towering blades of grass, huge flowers, and other oversized objects
  • Overcome puzzles and obstacles: Interestingly, players can take on challenging traps, spike pits, mushroom hordes, and more as they seek a way out of the giant wilderness, while discovering some secrets along the way
  • Collect magic essence and other hidden items: gamers can search for magic essence that are hidden behind puzzle, combat, and overcoming challenges. They can also solve puzzles, defeat enemies, hunt down items, and more to earn enough magic essence and clear the level.
  • Defeat larger than life mushroom monsters: Fascinatingly, players can encounter cute and colorful foes in their respective journeys, including advanced enemies as you go deeper into the forest. Fight against various mushroom types that are unique to each terrain that you are in.

In Mushroom Mania, there are a lot of species to meet, they are creative and colorful to play with. Special assets are also being developed by Altitude’s artistic team.

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