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How To Build & Conquer Planets On 0xUniverse



0xUniverse (developed by 0xGames) is a blockchain space strategy to build spacecraft, launch exploratory efforts, find new worlds, trade with other discoverers, and colonize planets. 0xUniverse was founded on November 1, 2017, by Sergey Kopov and it is powered by Ethereum and Polygon. It has an international team of professionals with years of experience in game development and blockchain tech.

In 0xUniverse, gamers can extract resources and carry out research that allows them to conquer the remotest corners of the galaxy. Furthermore, players can jointly contribute to the story and unravel the mystery of the universe. Each planet is a digital collectible with a unique design and resources. With a finite number of planets to be discovered, the value of those richer in resources and population increase over time.

0xUniverse is free to download. However, users need to invest by purchasing at least 1 planet (NFT blockchain asset) to start playing. A single planet can be bought at a low price at the ‘Auction’ from other players or can be chosen to get one of the planet bundle packages in the ‘Hypermarket’. The game supports the Metamask Wallet on desktop and Arkane Wallet on mobile devices. Users that do not have a crypto wallet can use Arkane; a wallet will be created for free.

0xUniverse Setup

Chrome or Firefox is needed to play the game. Different wallets can be chosen on the desktop: MetaMask, Arkane, or 0xwallet. Playing on a mobile device (iOS or Android) allows Arkane wallet or 0xWallet only as they have mobile support. To get started with 0xWallet you need to enter the game, then in the Options menu choose 0xWallet as your main. If you want to start with Arkane, visit their website and register an account there. After that, you can enter the game and pick Arkane as your default wallet. About signing up. If you’ve already installed the MetaMask extension or registered with Arkane or 0xWallet, all you need to do is choose a nickname and enter your email address.

To acquire your first planet, Open the AUCTION window, click on the FOR SALE tab, choose a planet you like, and click the BUY button. After that, the MetaMask window will open (or the window of the wallet you picked). Click SUBMIT to confirm that you’re spending ether on the purchase of a planet. A few moments later you will own the planet. The process of confirming the purchase through MetaMask and waiting for the transaction to be completed reflect the fact that 0xUniverse operates on thousands of computers around the world, and the data are securely stored in the blockchain. The status of the process can be tracked in the TRANSACTIONS window.

Once you have purchased your first planet, you can start to build spaceships. But first, you need to invent them. To discover a new type of spaceship, open the MY SPACESHIPS window. There you’ll see the progress of the accumulation of knowledge. You need this knowledge to invent a spaceship. Knowledge is created by the people who inhabit your planets. So the more planets you have and the more populated they get, the faster you’ll invent new spaceships.

After inventing your first spaceship, you’ll start to accumulate the resources to build it. This works the same as it does for knowledge; the more planets you have, the more resources you’ll get. When enough resources have been accumulated, you can build a spaceship. To do this, choose the type of spaceship and indicate which planet it will launch from. The spaceship will then be built and will set out to search for a new planet. If it finds one, you’ll own the new planet. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose the spaceship. The success of the expedition depends on the features of the spaceship (powerful engines expand the search area – and therefore the chances of finding a planet – and powerful radar increases the chances of finding a rarer planet) and the sector where the launch planet is located (the more planets in the sector that have already been found, the less likely it is that you’ll discover a new one). After you’ve learned how to build spaceships and find new planets, you’ll be able to confidently start exploring the world of 0xUniverse and access the main objects of the game.

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It is exciting that you can earn ether (ETH) while building and having fun. After you buy your first planet, you will start to extract resources, and the population on the planets will start to grow. This alone will increase the value of your planets. Also, using the resources you receive, you’ll be able to build spaceships and discover new planets, and those planets may be rarer. Since the number of planets in the galaxy is limited, you can count on frequent returns on the amount you originally paid.

Furthermore, this is even much more imaginative and interesting: as you explore the galaxy, discovering new planets, you’ll uncover the secret of the universe. Every time you find and study a legendary planet, you’ll learn a piece of the overarching story: the story of other races, bloody wars, catastrophes, love, betrayal, and the origin of life. When you put all the parts of the puzzle together, you’ll find priceless riches.

Unique Features of 0xUniverse

  • You get to invent spaceships and search out new planets in a vast galaxy. The planets are blockchain tokens of different rarity with market-defined value set by players.
  • Interact with other players in the market. Get a chance to earn ETH by engaging in purchasing and selling various worlds at the in-game Auction.
  • Watch your planets get populated. Owning any CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties or Axie Infinity assets turns your planets into inhabitable homes for these lovely creatures in the immensity of 0xUniverse.
  • Socialize and join Corporations. Together you can dominate other sectors and become the best galaxy business: own parts of corporations, vote for new corporate leaders, decide upon important issues and trade your shares with other space entrepreneurs.

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