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Top Move to Earn with Massive Potentials in 2022



The arrival of crypto games brought a new potential for gamers to play games with new models for incentives. Before now, gamers played and earned close to nothing for the time spent. If there are monetary counts, they just end in the game. Temple Run is a good example of that model.

With Crypto, Play-to-Earn models of gaming have arrived. And beyond Play-to-Earn, developers are bringing in more exciting models. Some of these include Learn-and-Earn, Move-to-Earn, Train-and-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, Skilled-to-Earn.

The Move-to-Earn Revolution

In 2021, crypto games had the first sets of Move-to-Earn projects in the form of Genopets and StepN respectively. From there, so many others have come in causing an uproar and huge earning opportunities for crypto users around the world.

Here’s a list of top Move-to-Earn projects for 2022:


Dotmoovs was created by a team of visionaries to build a unique sports platform where players can challenge each other in sports of their choice. During play or challenge, the platform has algorithms that help to monetize the time users spend training through cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

This means that as players play, they earn in cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs which gives them the liberty to own digital assets without restrictions. These assets can be traded in a marketplace for more profit and earnings with $MOOVs being the primary reward for engagement. 

Inbuilt into the platform is an Anti-cheat mechanism that checks the activities of each player as well as their results. This will ensure safety, security, and fairness for all who use the app. And then for communities, with the $MOOV tokens, clubs, brands, and live event organizers can go fully digital, organizing global live events. This feature provides more earning opportunities for users as well.


Although the crypto aspect of this project is yet to be launched, it seems so promising bearing in mind that it has reached more than 50M registered users across 51 countries as of January 2022. Sweatcoin is the first, most simplified direct Move-to-Earn application as it shows the count of the steps taken by users as they walk. And depending on the subscription, users can earn between 150 to 600 sweatcoins a month.

How does it work? Just download the app. Register and set all simple parameters, then begin to walk. As you walk, you’ll see your earnings counting. It is as simple as that. For the metrics, users are rewarded 0.95 sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps taken. And apart from earning from walking, rewards come from daily earnings and referral bonuses.

Another awesome feature of Sweatcoin is that it has a huge community, it’s building a SocialFi ecosystem, and wants to solve real global problems. Users can donate to global causes like poverty, climate change, and more.

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Walken is another application that is focused on the health economy of users. It has a system that integrates health and crypto earnings on a platform. With Walken, walking becomes fun and rewarding with assets that can be converted into real-life rewards. 

This is how it works: CAThletes are NFT characters present in the Walked ecosystem. They can be bred, raised, battled, and even traded in the marketplace. Each of these assets is unique and can be upgraded using gems earned by walking. The gems can be in the form of Walken tokens ($WLKN) or AirDrops given as rewards to users. As your CATheletes are improved, they get stronger and better, with higher potential for earning when you engage them in fights.

Walken can be accessed via mobile devices as it is currently available in beta on both iOS and Android. The token of the Solana-powered project has been listed on CoinMarketCap and will be on other exchanges soon. Apart from walking, and breeding, players can also earn using the referral system.

DOSE Token

$DOSE token is the reward received when you explore the OliveX (BVI) metaverse and walk to keep fit. The token is of the ERC-20 standard for the run-to-win games within the OliveX (BVI) Limited ecosystem. This means that there will be other games that will be introduced into the ecosystem and will still require $DOSE to function.

What’s the inspiration behind the $DOSE token? The names of the four chemicals that are released when you exercise — dopamine (D), oxytocin (O), serotonin (S), and endorphin (E). So the idea behind the project is to connect the vitality of health with economics.

The team behind the OliveX (BVI) brand is also linked with products like KARA Smart Fitness, an AI-powered app that streams celebrity trainer workouts, and 22 Pushups, a workout challenge app. Zombies, Run! is also scheduled to be part of the theOliveX (BVI) ecosystem with more than 1 million downloads. The $DOSE token will drive the games in the OliveX ecosystem.

Digital Fitness

Developed by an award-winning Singapore-based tech startup, Digital Fitness is created to minimize time constraints and improve the ease, make bodily action an everyday habit, make bodily action pleasurable and engaging, allow motion in all bodily situations, and combine bodily action with created surroundings.

With the app, users can keep fit regularly, have their data safely guarded, earn and lay with crypto removing any intermediary for services. Users can also have access to buy online fitness products with ease and be part of a lot of fitness games that issue rewards for participation.

The platform has attracted a huge amount of users and communities with mobile usability coming soon on iOS and Android. Digital Fitness like other Move-to-Earn is targeted at helping more persons gain their health while they earn at the same time. DIFIT takes it a little further with SocialFi features as well.

Other platforms to check out are WalkWithStep, StepApp, AppCalo, Genopets and the list goes on.


Move-to-Earn has brought a new economic opportunity for anyone to earn while being fit. The global statistics for deaths caused by insufficient physical activities are placed at approximately 3.2 million deaths and 32.1 million DALYs (representing about 2.1% of global DALYs) each year. With projects like this, such figures can be controlled for the joy of humanity.


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