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Elrond announces movetoearn project Sense4FIT



Elrond has announced the release of Sense4Fit on the blockchain. It is a semi-decentralized move-to-earn app that will help users become better by prioritising health, and fitness.

Sense4Fit brings health, blockchain and gamification together, thereby creating a healthy lifestyle for users. Activities around nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, are rewarded with the in-app token.

Users can run, compete with other users, attend boot camps, go for offline sporting events, and earn in the process.

Sense4Fit is powered to combine “Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements,” the team said, “while bringing the sports community together”.

How Sense4Fit work

The Sense4FIT platform requires users to own a Sense4Fit NFT to be part of the ecosystem. And this can be purchased in the in-app NFT marketplace.

With the NFT, users can engage in fitness activities by themselves or with others. Professional Fitness coaches are also available, virtually, to help train users to be fit in the Sense4FIT platform.

The SFIT utility token is the native token that drives the Sense4FIT. With it, users can pay for fitness and nutrition products, pay for training sessions, and other upcoming use cases. Users can also stake $SFIT tokens to receive rewards.

The Alpha version of the Sense4FIT app will be available on AppStore with plans to launch on Google Playstore. Development around the metaverse is coming in 2023.

Statistics from McKinsey show that the current value of the global wellness market is more than $1.5 trillion.

This opportunity is being utilized by new blockchain projects such as Sense4FIT. Other examples are SweatCoin, StepN, Digital Fitness, and Calo.

Sense4FIT is calling on 100 Alpha testers to join the Whitelist.

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