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Digital Fitness ($DEFIT): Move, Get Fit and Earn Rewards



Digital Fitness is one of the leading move-to-earn projects in the play-to-earn space. It encourages users to build a healthy lifestyle through a digital fitness program and a marketplace. Digital Fitness was designed by 360wellness (a decentralized fitness and wellness marketplace that connects people worldwide) to reward people who lead and practice a healthy fitness lifestyle. It aims to turn everyone’s living room into a fitness studio and provides interactions with sports and wellness experts who inspire you to monitor your health.

$DEFIT token

$DEFIT  is the cryptocurrency built for the Digital Fitness ecosystem by 360Wellness. It is a multi-chain cryptocurrency built on Polygon (MATIC) and Ethereum networks. 

The token has a total supply of 50 million with its tokenomics breakdown below;

  • 46% for Private and Public sales
  • 15% for Loyalty and staking rewards
  • 12.5% for Exchange liquidity
  • 8% for operations
  • 7% for the Team
  • 6.5% for Marketing
  • 3.75% for Advisors
  • 1.25% for Launchpad support

Due to its multi-chain feature, $DEFIT can be bridged easily between both networks via a bridge provided by DEFIT. In addition, holders of the token will have access to exclusive discounts with collaborating sports apparel brands and coaching services, according to a tier level system. 

The token has been listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and decentralized exchanges like Quickswap, Uniswap, and centralized exchanges like MEXC Global and Probit.


Digital Fitness will also launch NFTs. Users will earn these NFTs as rewards and can sell them for profit. The NFTs will be created in partnership with an undisclosed but talented French artist who has worked with renowned brands like Dior, Valentino, L’Oreal, etc.

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How the App Works

The DEFIT mobile app will be available for download on iOS and Android devices in May 2022. 

Buy your Tokens: Get your $DEFIT token from any of the exchanges mentioned above and transfer it to your Metamask wallet. After installation, sync your Metamask wallet to the app so it will show your token balance. You can always withdraw your in-app token reward to your wallet.

Move to earn: Connect your favorite digital wearables to your app and complete daily fitness challenges to start earning $DEFIT tokens. The app comes with a habit and wellness tracker which tracks sleep, eating, and fitness habits and gives a score entitled the Wellness Score. This score determines your $DEFIT reward.

Get Social: The app offers an online social place where you can meet people you love and get inspired by them to work out more. You can also share your workout journey with people in the community.

Share to earn: You can also earn more $DEFIT by inviting friends through your unique link to join the community.


Move-to-earn is currently a strong trend in the blockchain and crypto industry. It has become a catalyst for mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies like blockchain due to the influx of non-crypto natives. For most of them, their first interaction with cryptocurrency is through move-to-earn projects such as Digital Fitness. DEFIT aims to incentivize physical fitness with rewards on a multi-chain platform. Ultimately, the initiative is driven by the goal to promote a healthy lifestyle using fitness programs.


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