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Move-to-Earn projects launching their mainnet in September



Move-to-earn projects are platforms built on blockchain technology, designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle for users. As these users participate in daily healthy activities like running, walking, jogging, cycling, and more, they are rewarded with tokens.

Tokens on each project have a value attached to them and they can be used to either buy in-app products and services or converted to fiat.

Several move-to-earn projects have been released like StepN, Dotmoovs, and Digital Fitness. Here are four move-to-earn projects that will be released (mainnet) in Q3 2022. 

The Metric used is market cap. However, the market cap of DEFY is not yet recorded while Galvan, Bike n Run, and Moverse are yet to list their tokens on exchanges.

1. SweatCoin

SweatCoin platform has proven to be one of the most successful move-to-earn projects that are yet to launch its mainnet. Currently, it boasts more than 100 million users, with over 24 billion tokens created and used across 165 nations.

The project was designed to help people around the world stay fit by participating in physical activities like walking and running. With the mobile phone app on both Android and iOS, the steps recorded by users are converted to SweatCoins, the primary token of the ecosystem.

It’s designed to count these steps with or without an internet connection and then they are registered into the account of the user.

Although the project has gathered a lot of attention, the $Sweat token will be going live on several exchanges from September 12, 2022. Hence, trading and other activities can begin.

2. Step App

Step App is a fitness platform built on the Avalanche protocol. It was developed by Dharpan Radhawan, Kirill Volgin, Dmitry Gordeychuk, and Robert Vukosa to connect its fitness community with global athletes. These athletes are positioned as fitness ambassadors to inspire others to be part of the movement.

StepApp is designed to utilize a dual token system and that’s why there is KCAL and FITFI. To be part of the ecosystem, users need to get NFT sneakers using the in-game token, KCAL. Then as users run or jog, they accumulate FAT points. These FAT points can be converted to KCAL by burning FITFI tokens. 

While KCAL acts as in-game tokens for purchases, FITFI is the governance token used to influence the direction of the project’s development. StepApp combines fitness with economic empowerment and community.

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3. DEFY 

DEFY is an innovative project that combines play-to-earn with move-to-earn on the same platform. It also infuses hyper 3D gameplay with AR adventures creating an immersive experience for participants.

The game that’s supported hugely by Animaco, is built on the Polygon network, and managed by DEFY Labs. It houses two models of games: free-to-play (where users get free NFTs to be part of the game) and play-to-earn (where gamers buy premium NFTs).

$DEFY which is an ERC-20 token is the native token of the ecosystem and serves for both in-game (purchases and reward), and governance. 

The platform co-founded by Ben Pember, Tom Threlfall, and Michael Mcclenaghan will get users to play, move, interact and earn. In the future, there will also be learn-and-earn where skills like coding will be taught on the platform.

4. Bike n Run

On Bike n Run, users can earn crypto while running, cycling, or trading their bicycles. Bike n Run is a Web3 fitness application built with the move-to-earn model on the Binance Smart Chain.

To be part of the game, users must have an NFT Bike that can be purchased using the in-game and governance token, $BNR. The playing modes are SOLO (a rider is required to cover a distance to earn $BNR) or Tournament (a group of riders participates and the winner is rewarded).

Two ways to earn into the Bike n Run platform are by participating in cycling and other fitness activities, and by staking $BNR.

More developments like a marketplace are coming into the game that is led by Alvin Jo, Erwin Yo, and Dika Chris.

5. Moverse

Moverse move-to-earn comes with a tool to solve the problem of lack of: exercise amongst the younger generation due to disruptive tech behaviors, sports interaction, proper nutrition plans, and good training schedules for those who want to train.

The solution projected by the team is an exercise and earn service that allows individuals to carry out fitness activities while they earn. SocialFi elements are being integrated into the system to foster interaction between users. Smart health and virtual assistant covers a nutrition plan and creates a structured training schedule.

$MOVE is the native token of the platform that can be used to buy in-game items as well as for governance on the polygon-powered project.

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