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StepEx to launch with $1 million liquidity, no VCs



StepEx, a cryptocurrency exchange from Move to earn firm, is set to go live soon. The announcements came in late August 2022. Users are expected to lock their liquidity before 2nd September to receive part of the free $SPEX token at the end of the locking period.

StepEx is a community-focused project aimed at empowering community members as major stakeholders of the exchange. The team revealed there will be no presale or fundraising from VCs.

According to the team, the StepEx token, $SPEX will be distributed for free to anyone that adds liquidity to the DEX during the Lockdrop period.

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$1m Spex liquidity from Step Foundation

The Step team is known for its move-to-earn project, StepApp which has gathered so much attention. The team aims to attract $1 million in liquidity funding, creating instant liquidity for the free tokens that will be given.

Fund will be locked up for at least three months to qualify for the tokens. 

“StepEx is the most important DeFi app on Step blockchain,” opined the team. It will be used as an exchange for $SPEX and other crypto tokens, thereby giving the Step community more opportunities to connect, share, and make money.

Read this on how to get the free $SPEX token.

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