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Spintop; The Ultimate GameFi Ecosystem



  • Spintop is building a one-stop platform for the GameFi ecosystem. 

If you have been looking for a platform where you can Play-2-Earn, trade your tokens and share NFTs all in one space, then Spintop is the answer. With a team led by Sinan Gülfidan, Spintop is a project that is building an ecosystem related to GameFi, Play to Earn, or Blockchain Games.

At the moment, it is very difficult to find everything related to Blockchain Gaming in one place since everything is scattered among many ecosystems. Given that, what Spintop is doing is to facilitate the interaction of all these ecosystems.

Spintop is creating an interface where people can interact and find information of all kinds related to Blockchain games. Something like the Google of Blockchain video games.

The variety of games, NFT’s and tokens scattered around the blockchain make it almost impossible to play multiple games and utilize their NFTs without getting overwhelmed. Spintop is a blockchain-exclusive gaming platform where the community can discover and play games, trade their tokens & NFTs, and earn together within a shared economy by the moderation of a carefully curated MMR mechanism.” — Spintop

Spintop is the next-generation blockchain gaming hub that aims to utilize the new tools of web3 to offer a comprehensive experience for players, traders, and investors. It consists of five main products acting together socially and built around user profiles:


Gamepedia is a gamified hub that aims to bring the scattered blockchain gaming ecosystems and communities together. Listings will be covering projects from all of the major smart chains.

Gamepedia will work together with the rest of the products to contribute to an environment where users can discover, play, invest and earn in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

This area will be designed specifically for gamers so they can:

Phase 1

  • Read detailed articles and analyses.
  • Follow peer reviews and comments imputed by the community.
  • Access games and project websites.
  • Access shortcuts to Spindex and Guild Maker if they are featured 

Phase 2

  • Use their minted personas to easily navigate the blockchain gaming ecosystem with trailers and screenshots of games. 
  • Earn rewards for their contribution


This is a blockchain game launcher and incubator platform. It brings a fresh and revolutionary take on the traditional gaming launchpads by introducing a new, fair, and tierless system that benefits investors on every scale. 


Spindex consists of a gaming exclusive AMM, Staking & Farming pools, and the Spindex Wallet. It is Spintop’s main tool for making the gaming experience agile; providing seamless interchangeability of liquid assets between the projects.

It is the DeFi hub for blockchain gaming projects. The Spindex will enable users to exchange/farm cryptocurrencies and NFTs through its protocol.

Spindex will prioritize its farms for projects on blockchain gaming. The SPIN Token will be the main element behind the Spindex decentralized platform; exchange commissions will be paid, and rewards from the liquidity pools will be distributed to the contributors with SPIN Tokens. 

Spindex will initially run BSC, users will only trade and provide liquidity using BEP-20 tokens. However, Spindex will offer a cross-chain platform in the future. The estimated time for the implementation of a cross-chain platform is in their roadmap. Polygon will be Spintop’s priority for the implementation of the cross-chain infrastructure.

Guild Maker

Guild Maker is the meeting ground for play-to-earn sponsors and scholars. Sponsors can burn SPIN and create their guilds, recruit scholars and compete with each other. The Guild Maker will act socially with multiple guilds.

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The sponsors who allocate their assets to the guild pools will be the regulator of that specific guild while the scholars play the games by picking the needed items both from their individually allocated NFTs and the NFT pool of their registered guild.

The earnings of the scholars will be shared between the guild and the scholar with the higher percentage belonging to the scholar. The rest of the earnings will be distributed to the guild’s asset contributors and will be managed with smart contracts that are governed by the sponsors.

The guilds will be competing in weekly raids, the most successful guilds and the best performing scholars will be rewarded by the Spintop Team.

NFT Marketplace 

NFT Marketplace will be the main supply grounds for the guilds of the Guild Maker and the players. The guilds or the solo players will be selling, buying, or lending the items needed to complete their arsenal and teams by using the assets listed in Spintop Marketplace in the simplest way possible.

The vision of Spintop will be completed by unifying The Gamepedia and The Guild Maker with the NFT Marketplace.

In a nutshell, the NFT marketplace will be the gathering point for both the guilds and the users where they will be listing their NFTs for sale or lending.

In the case of sales, listed NFTs will have a tag price from where the bidding starts and the highest bidder transacts the listed NFT to its wallet. In the lending case, the items will have a preset price for certain periods of usage.


$SPIN is the native token of the Spintop network. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain(BEP20) and Polygon networks. Its utility includes:

  • It can be burned to create custom yield guilds
  • It can be burned to wrap NFTs.
  • It can be staked to create a profile and apply for scholarships
  • It can be staked in Spindex Pools or Yield Farms to earn more SPIN tokens and  Spindex Partners’ tokens.
  • It can be staked/farmed to participate in SpinStarter IDOs & IGOs

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