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SHIRTUM: NFT Marketplace for “Sports” Fans & Athletes



NFTs can be said to be cryptographic receipts which can be used to verify digitally represent real-world objects as well as digital properties and probably transfer ownership. NFTs has found application in multiple fields, and it provides an easier way to validate information.  NFTs have evolved rapidly to give artists and content creators the unique opportunity to monetize their products.

For example, artists no longer have to rely on galleries or auction houses to sell their art. Instead, sell it directly to the fonly in an online marketplace as an NFT.  allows the artist to get more value from their works like royalties is where Shirtum comes in.

As a marketplace for NFTs, Shirtum’s designed for sports fans and enthusiasts. It allows fans to share and interact with their favorite players, clubs, and sports brands.Through the collecting of  NFTs via  virtual spaces, Shirtum hopes to unite the passion fans have for sports with the creative potential of the NFT marketplace to give a real life experience.


Why Shirtum?

  • To be the only NFT marketplace exclusive to the world of sports with the ability to offer unique experiences for all enthusiasts and creatives.
  • To connect all kinds of athletes directly to their fans. Athletes will get to share their stories, real-life challenges, and career highlights, making for experiences that fans would find to be not just fun and interactive, but also relatable and valuable.
  • To give its users unfiltered access to a global NFTs marketplace. Users will not only be able to own exclusive content pieces, but will also form dynamic interactions capable of giving real value to their NFT collections.


  • To add more value to the world and history of passionate sports. Athletes, clubs and related brands will have the liberty to control and share their legacies through exclusively personal stories in the Metaverse.


How does Shirtum Work?

The Shirtum mobile app enables registered players to build digital museums where they can display exclusive content pieces and NFTs. The contents will be the result of collaborations between the athlete and Shirtum’s content team. 

These contents would be tokenized as limited edition NFTs and made available on the marketplace where both crypto and fiat owners could collect and trade while learning more about their favorite athletes.

NFT collections can be bought directly from market participants, however there are a number of special benefits which include;

  • Access to a private Discord channel.
  • Possibility of forming bonds with idols and clubs.
  • NFT drops
  • Limitless prizes and privileges.
  • Access to Fan zone settlements Access to the Metaverse (Coming soon)


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Where to Buy $SHI

The top cryptocurrency exchanges currently trading Shirtum token : 

Tokenomics of Shirtum’s $SHI Token

$SHI Is the access token to the Shitum ecosystem. $SHI holders will have access to the green list and whitelist spots to mint the exclusive NFT drops of their favorite athletes and football clubs.

The $SHI is a multi-chain (ETH & BSC) token with the following use cases or benefits;

  1. Will be used to secure a Green and Whitelist spot.
  2. A means of governance in the ecosystem.
  3. Staking with up to 36% APR.
  4. NFT discount.
  5. To earn rewards via raffles.

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