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Genopets vs Digital Fitness (DEFIT): A Comparison of Moves



While blockchain brought in new and innovative ways of earning with decentralized systems where anyone anywhere, around the world, can earn in crypto, there have been several models of blockchain projects released into the global market. From collecting coins and waiting for them to pump (increase in value/price) to crypto Play-to-Earn games (where users play games and earn) and now, Move-to-Earn.

In Play-to-Earn, users have access to play games and earn in the process while Move-to-Earn products enable people to be active physically while earning. Most Move-to-Earn projects aim to improve the health of users globally by incentivizing participation in bodily activities such as running, swimming, dancing, walking etc.

What is Genopets vs Digital Fitness (DEFIT)?

Genopets is said to be the first Move-to-Earn project that ushered in the revolution of helping people globally to stay healthy by being active while earning in crypto. It was co-founded by Albert Chen, a serial entrepreneur with expertise in engineering, economics, and marketing, and Benjamin Tse. Tse has been in the blockchain space since 2016 with over 16 years of experience in product design, UI/UX, and SaaS.

Digital Fitness is an innovative Move-to-Earn, decentralized fitness platform powered by the DEFIT token. The project aims to connect people with health and fitness professionals around the world so that they can stay fit while earning through their activities.

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The Differences Between Genopets vs Digital Fitness (DEFIT)


  • How Does it Work

Genopets allow users to come in with the free-to-play mode breaking the barrier for anyone to start using the platform. The Genopets, NFTs, are avatars used which can be upgraded from time to time. With these Genopets, users share their vital signs and data as they partake in the fitness process thereby developing their Genopets for more battles and challenges.

Each Genopet is designed to have the player’s personality and fitness data and is developed through nurture and battle. While the nurture mechanics are activities designed to challenge users physically, the battles create mental tasks that when carried out attract rewards for each player. 

The Digital Fitness platform owned by 360Wellness works as a decentralized fitness and wellness marketplace where fitness trainers can connect with clients, helping them stay fit while both parties earn in the process. On the platform, users have access to so many live-stream classes and a virtual lifestyle tracker that monitors their health patterns, collecting and giving feedback to the user.


  • Blockchain Built On

The Genopet project is built on the Solana ecosystem which gives it access to a massive throughput and scalability opportunity, and a low transaction fee advantage. Digital Fitness is a multi-chain platform operating on Ethereum and Polygon networks. It combines the advantages of the two ecosystems giving wider access points for users.


  • Tokenomics

Users on the Genopet platform will make use of NFTs as well as the dual token system with $GENE and $KI tokens. $GENE is the primary token used for governance and staking, while $KI is used as an in-game currency. For the Digit Fitness ecosystem, Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is the main cryptocurrency designed with the ERC-20 model of Ethereum.


  • How to Earn

To earn as a user of Genopets, you can be a trainer (who plays Genopets, upgrade them, and sell them in an open marketplace to earn), merchant (who buy, and develop habitats used to farm valuable crystals that can be traded), and as a landlord (who buy habitats to lease them). This is apart from the normal earnings gotten by being active in the ecosystem.

For the Digital Fitness platform, users can earn as trainers who host live classes, as referrers to get people to join the platform, as stakers of the main token, and as part of the ecosystem when they carry out tasks and complete challenges. 


The two platforms are one of the most prominent in the Move-to-Earn ecosystem transforming the health and fitness industry. If you want to stay fit, have fun, and earn by various means, you can be part of the Genopets. For those who need live classes, coaches to help them through, and a vibrant community of gym lovers, the Digital Fitness ecosystem is the place to be.

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1 Comment

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