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Move To Earn: Keep Fit, Sport, Connect and Earn on the Calo Metaverse



In conventional games, gamers get a taste of well-crafted gaming technology that serves their interests and occupies their spare time, but the rewards are limited to in-game points. Blockchain-based games are overturning the current system and creating an amazing gaming ecosystem by combining the concepts of NFTs, metaverse, and fungible cryptocurrency into captivating gameplay. The concept of “move to earn” has emerged as the market tries to wrap its arms around and fully optimize play-to-earn games.

What is Move to Earn?

In-game activities distinguish one game from another; for example, in Move to Earn, engaging in body exercises or fitness challenges counts for rewards. Move to Earn is a game mechanic in which players or participants earn by staying fit. Users can improve their health by engaging in activities such as walking, running, or swimming.

The activities are tracked, uploaded, and the user is rewarded if they meet the game conditions for incentives. Users who participate in play to earn games receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency or other forms of in-game rewards that they can exchange for other cryptocurrencies or in-app services.

STEPN popularized the term “move-to-earn,” and today there are numerous games that reward users for “staying fit.”


Calo is a blockchain-based health-lifestyle metaverse with Gamefi and Socialfi components that aims to add value to individuals’ fitness and movement processes. It’s a platform where users can move and earn tokens that can be used in-game or traded for actual cash. On a daily basis, users can exercise in the metaverse, either alone or as part of a challenge. Users exercise their bodies to get in shape, resulting in both health benefits and a passive income source.

As stated by the team, their goal is ” to make the metaverse a more secure environment for people to connect through sports and wellness.”

To get started with Calo, users will first get the Calo metaverse app installed to their device, then proceed to sign up and complete the membership application. After these initial steps, the user creates a new in-game DeFi wallet backed by a 12 word recovery phrase. The wallet created is funded with BNB which will be used as gas fee and for NFT sneakers purchase in the marketplace. After the user successfully purchases the sneaker, stamina is generated within 6 hours at a rate of 25% then the user starts the adventure of move-to-earn.

Calo Gameplay: How to Earn on Calo By Performing Exercises

Activities in Calo are divided into different modes to allow players to participate in the ones that are most appropriate for them while also having the opportunity to push for higher ranks. Participation in game modes and completing tasks rewards users in $FIT, $CALO, or NFTs.

Single Mode: In single mode, players complete tasks on their own and earn money. To begin in single mode, players must purchase sneakers to gain stamina, have a good internet connection, and have a strong GPS signal. Each stamina equals 5 minutes of players movement, and tokens cannot be earned without stamina. In single mode, rewards are determined by sneaker type, sneaker performance/attributes, and moving at the speed of the sneaker.

The single player mode includes allocations while the player is on the move, which can take the form of a magical box known as the Gacha Box. Gacha boxes come at various quality levels, and players must be cautious to open them before the timer runs out. The box cannot be opened once the countdown has expired. However, players should be aware that the countdown length for each box is based on its quality. Medals boost stamina in single-player mode.

Challenge Mode: In challenge mode, users can form a team or group to collaborate and execute tasks and challenges; for example, a team on a fitness assignment or a team challenge against another team. Weekly and monthly challenge plans are available to players. To participate, players must register for each challenge 24 hours before it goes live, and the registration fee is either refunded upon completion of the task or pooled as a cumulative prize for leaderboard rankings. After accumulating a certain number of points, users can also become leaders and create their own clubs and group challenges. Users who complete the challenge mode are entitled to some exclusive in-app features.

Challenge mode also includes a team challenge where teams can compete for rewards against other teams. In addition to the Calo Metaverse tokens, the winning team will receive a special NFT Sneaker. Medal winners can also form a team club and climb the leaderboards.

If the sneakers are worn out after each use, they must be repaired; the cost of the repair is determined by the quality of the sneakers. In the shoe minting process, two sneakers can be minted as vintages. Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer are the four varieties of sneakers available to players, with five quality levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. A sneaker can be upgraded by unlocking stones and spaces.

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Calo Ecosystem Features and Token

The in-game token $FIT (Fitness Access Token) has an infinite supply, but undergoes token burn. It is earned through physical movement in Single Mode or Challenge Mode.

$CALO is the Calo metaverse governance token, with a total supply of 500,000,000 CALO tokens. The health mining round has the highest allocation at 48%.

While the Calo team continues to work on the game ecosystem, here are some available features.

SocialFi: The referral program entails sharing activation codes and inviting friends to join the game in exchange for puzzle pieces and being a point leader. When a user has accumulated a sufficient number of puzzle pieces, he or she can exchange them for a Shoe box. Point leaders can form clubs for future game types. Invite points are a SocialFi system feature that accumulates user invites and ranks them in order.

Marketplace: The Marketplace is where users can lease, swap, and trade NFT sneakers, spaces, and stones. All in-game purchases are facilitated in the marketplace through the trade system. Renters will receive 0.1 credit for each successfully completed rental agreement. New users who have just joined the metaverse can rent sneakers to participate in the marketplace.

On-chain Wallet: The Calo metaverse provides users with an on-chain wallet that includes the following functionalities (phase 1): It comes pre-installed in the game and supports BNB as a chain asset, as well as a swap functionality, and wallet backup.

Governance (Voting): Users can lock their staked CALO to acquire access to voting rights; the various locking periods are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years.

Here are some links to join the Calo social metaverse:

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