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Top 5 Move-to-earn Applications on Google Playstore



As the move-to-earn sector of the crypto world is gaining popularity by the hour, some projects have taken advantage, integrating a healthy lifestyle, wellness, and blockchain technology into mobile applications. Below are some of the move-to-earn apps found on Google Playstore:


StepN is a web3 lifestyle app with socialFi and GameFi features. It is an app built for people to earn by engaging in daily activities like walking, jogging, and running. Users need to equip themselves with NFT sneakers at the start of the game to be able to earn. 

Here are the steps to start earning from StepN.

  • Download the StepN app from Google play store. 
  • After installation, you sign up with your email address and get verified.
  • Create a new wallet by clicking on the wallet icon on the top right corner of the screen. The app will generate a 12-word secret phrase like a decentralized wallet.
  • Transfer SOL into the wallet to buy NFT sneakers from the marketplace.
  • Purchase sneakers of your choice.

StepN aims to push people to practice a healthy fitness lifestyle and earn simultaneously.


Sweatcoin is a free app that nudges people into healthy living. It is an app that rewards you with Sweatcoins for walking. These Sweatcoins can be converted into SWEAT and be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

How the app works:

  • Download and install the app from Google play store.
  • After installation, Sign up with your email and get verified.
  • Allow the apps access to Google Fit 
  • Start walking and start earning.
  • Your wallet balance shows on the right top corner of the home screen, and the step counter works in the background.
  • You can also shop for tech gadgets and equipment with SWEAT. In addition, you can donate to charity events.


Step is a move-to-earn and fitness app that lets you earn digital assets while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain network. Its concept is simple; you walk, you earn.

How the app works:

  • Download and install the Step app from Playstore.
  • Create an account with your email.
  • Sync the app with Google Fit, which you can do manually or automatically.
  • Before earning, you need to own and transfer about 19000 STEP and take about 4000 steps daily.
  • The app asks you to input your BSC wallet address to be able to claim rewards.

The app features an NFT marketplace that directs you to, where you can buy STEP tokens, merch, and access socials. As a DeFi project, Step rewards users for staying fit, creating awareness about cryptocurrency among non-cryptocurrency users.

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PUML Better Health

PUML is a web3 move-to-earn game built to promote a healthy fitness lifestyle. It records health data such as sleep duration, hydration and meditation. It records your average sleep hour, how many steps you take, and how well you drink water. Players are rewarded with the $PUML coin and NFTs. You can sell your earned rewards for profit. 

How the app works

  • Download and install the app from Playstore. The app is restricted in some countries.
  • Register with your email
  • Sync the app with Google Fit, which keeps track of health data
  • Start exercising and earning $PUML



Dotmoov is an app that helps people compete with other people around the world. Players are rewarded with $MOOV and unique digital assets.

How the app works:

  • Download and install the app from Google play store
  • Register with an email and fill in other important information like Date of Birth.
  • Start walking and earning.


Move-to-earn projects are currently amassing massive user activity, both from crypto natives and non-crypto natives. However, critics have argued that the model is unsustainable. While this may be true, you can capitalize on it to earn rewards for yourself. 


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