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Rock’n’Block; Helping Build, Collaborate and Build Crypto Projects



Blockchain with its distributed ledger features gave birth to Bitcoin. In Bitcoin, the world saw the first application of blockchain to give a decentralized financial system. Today, an industry has been created around this evolution of global financial systems.

In DeFi (decentralized finance) you’ll see different applications like cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, staking platforms, GameFi (gaming crypto), CeDeFi (centralized and decentralized finance) structures, and more. Each of these branches of DeFi makes crypto easier to use. On GameFis, you see users have access to play games and earn with P2E products.

While a lot of earlier crypto projects are being developed around one specific use case of DeFi, more recent products are beginning to combine more features. This combination allows people to access multiple earning opportunities while improving the adoption of blockchain and its developments. On RocknBlock, individuals, as well as organizations, can enjoy the luxury of DeFi systems put together.

What is RocknBlock?

RocknBlock is a stop platform that helps individuals and organizations create several DeFi projects depending on their needs. According to the website, they are termed “YOUR BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS ” bringing several Web3 ideas to life and developing “solutions of different complexity”.

The team of more than 130 persons with experience scattered around the world has created more than 300 projects since 2017. Among these projects are more than 15,000 smart contract deployed solutions for clients. RocknBlock can be called the “print on demand” kind of shop for blockchain solutions. In this case, it will be “develop on-demand”.

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Services Offered by RocknBlock

These services offered by RocknBlock have been reviewed by Certik; made the brand the winner of Tron Accelerator and Waves Grants as well as earned a partnership with Binance, Neo Foundation, and Polygon

RocknBlock can help create:


  • NFT Marketplace

The introduction of NFTs into crypto brought about the need for a marketplace where these utilities can be minted, bought, and sold at the same time. A typical example is OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty GateWay, and SuperRare. Whether it’s a standalone marketplace or an integrated marketplace in a platform, RocknBlock promises to give the best service on a marketplace.


  • 10k NFT Generator

With the NFT generator system of RocknBlock, clients can have access to algorithmically produced NFTs. These are NFTs that are unique and no two are the same. Projects like CryptoPunk, Meebits, VeeFriends, Loot, and Bored Ape are typical examples. The brand can give that amount of NFTs and more using their 10k NFT Generator system.


  • Bridge

One of the challenges faced by projects in the blockchain space is the need to have cross-communication with other blockchains, especially larger ones.  Chainlink is one of the biggest and most successful bridges in the blockchain ecosystem and RocknBlock is making it possible for more bridges to be built.

One typical use case of a cross-chain bridge is to integrate the blockchain standards of the network to another token of a different platform. With this, swapping tokens is very easy. Quarashi, MOM, LESS, CHIPZ, and BSCGIRL are examples of bridges already built by the RocknBlock bridge system.


  • Launchpad

If you need ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), IDO (Initial DEX Offering stability), IFO (Initial Farming Offering), ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering), IIO Initial Insurance Offering), or IGO (Initial Game Offering), RocknBlock can deliver.

A launchpad is a special structure that helps blockchain-based projects to raise funds and launch successfully. It performs the same function as start-up incubators for web3. Most launchpads grant projects access to a huge community that has been built already.


  • Tools

Analytical tools are one of the best additionals for financial applications. With some of these tools, users can set up alerts, get real-time insights into the market, track coins, and much more. RocknBlock specializes in creating tools that can provide insight into the performance of crypto assets as well as transactions carried out for users.


  • Safemoon (deflationary token development)

In the launch of a lot of crypto projects, the supply of tokens is always so high that if left unchecked, can become useless and without value. However, there are measures put in place to create a deflationary system so that tokens don’t lose intricate value thereby making a project worthless. At RocknBlock, clients can get access to such structures to help manage their projects.

RocknBlock is also the go-to brand for applications on Crowdsale, Vesting (reverse vesting and normal vesting), and Staking. And each of these structures is very important in terms of its value in crypto projects.

Challenges and Road Map of RocknBlock

Focusing on a lot of products at a time can be very daunting. If the team is not truly experienced and specialized at their work, it will affect the general output of the projects they develop. This is a downside of doing so much,  but then, the team has been able to develop a lot of projects in the past. 

Perhaps at the initial stage of the development of the blockchain market, this might be permitted. But as we progress into a full-blown ecosystem, specialization may become so necessary.

The future of RocknBlock is to continue giving better and stronger services to the blockchain ecosystem.

Team and Partners Behind RocknBlock

The entire team is led by Maksim Strenk who is a Senior Python Developer at RocknBlock and MyWish Platform. Maksim has good insight into deploying and syncing Ethereum and Bitcoin full nodes. 

With him are over 130 team members from all over the world, and made up of 23 Backend Devs., 27 Frontend Devs., 19 Smart Contracts Devs., 13 Project Managers, 5 Designers, 3 Analysts, and more.

In partnership with RocknBlock are Binance, Axion, OKEX, Waves, Changelly, Ducatus, and more.


RocknBlock has shown a good sign of a strong culture of development having deployed more than 15,000 smart contract projects valued at over $1B. The market is still new and more challenges and products will be expected to come in as well.


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