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Zelwin Finance; the platform where Staking, Launchpad, Exchange, and Ecommerce Meet



In 2020, more than two billion people shopped online and sales made by e-retail firms were beyond $4.2Tr. Consumer spending online is increasing daily with global giants like Amazon making more than $469B in sales, and Alibaba, $109.48B.

Taking a step into the financial world, the model for a currency has changed from the advent of Bitcoin. But the effect has just started to hit the market full as a result of so many use cases of blockchain technology. Each of these use cases almost amasses wealth and value with it.

Each day, as the traders and the world watch the trajectory bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies take, statistics show that adoption is going higher and higher. And as it does, spending in crypto will as well because crypto is now the new money. And so, one of the opportunities that present itself is a platform that will allow easy, safe, and fast usage of crypto to do all we’ve done in Web2 on Amazon and Alibaba.

What is Zelwin Finance?

Nikolay Shkilev and his team have designed a product to make crypto adoption seamless. Zelwin Finance is a platform that provides financial crypto-fiat services where users can earn using cryptocurrency as well as make purchases for goods online.

The target is not just for individuals as teams developing crypto projects can launch their products on Zelwin Finance. It’s an encompassing ecosystem of several functions that will help to integrate crypto into everyday experiences.

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Features of Zelwin Finance

There are about seven unique attributes that make Zelwin Finance suitable and can be called the “Amazon” of Web3.

  • IDO Launchpad

One of the greatest needs of the crypto space is a good platform that can assist the release of other products from crypto startups. The IDO mechanism in Zelwin Finance makes that happen so that any team can apply to use the launchpad for those projects. Once approved, it is launched into the market.

  • ZLW Token

The IDO functionality will not be truly functional without a native Noten on which the Zelwin Finance platform is built. $ZLW token is the utility on which the entire ecosystem is found. It has a maximum supply of 300,000,000 ZLW and can be purchased on major crypto exchanges.

  • Staking Facility

Staking is simply the process where the holder of a particular coin or token lends the asset back to a platform to sustain the running of the ecosystem. As this happens, there is always profit attached to the staker except in a situation where the market turns out to be terrible. In the Zelwin platform, users can stake their ZLW token and earn from it. Check here for more.

  • ZLW Bridge

When users need to carry out transactions on blockchains like Ethereum, which has higher gas fees than Binance Smart Chain, they can easily transfer their token to BSC. Doing this will reduce the fees they should have paid if they were to use Ethereum for that particular transaction. The ZLW bridge is making this possible.

  • Marketplace of Goods

Here comes the Amazon feel. On Zelwin, anyone can shop and pay with BTC or ETH which is converted to ZLW token. Whether you have dollars or ZLW, you can shop, pay and earn. There is an affiliate program that is hosted on the platform. And users can as well set up a shop, design it, and sell it from Zelwin stores. You can try it here.

  • Crypto Exchange

The exchange in Zelwin allows users to convert their fiat to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Currently, the system permits BTC, ETH, Litecoin, and USDT for Euro, USD, UAH, and RUB.

  • Marketplace of Games

Play Olympian God, Book of Sun, Scarab Riches and so many other games in the Zelwin marketplace for games. These games have the betting aspect where players can place a bet for a particular game time. Users can also cash out when they win.

Zelwin also uses a referral system that rewards users for introducing the platform to other users. This stands as a unique opportunity to advance earnings so that with or without carrying out any activity on the platform, users can earn on the go.

Challenges and Road Map of Zelwin Finance

The first challenge with this awesome platform is the absence of a comprehensive record of the team. Only the details of the founder and CEO are known. From the LinkedIn profile, it shows that there exist three employees.

Although that is enough to run a company, it’ll be good to have details of the core team. It’s an added advantage as people will like to know who is behind a brand, especially in this volatile crypto market.

On the aspect of competition, there are very few platforms that incorporate ecommerce with crypto. And so that niche is still very young. However, the challenge here is post-competition. Zelwin Finance will have to take a good position in the market and innovate along the way with the needs of consumers.

From the website and other research, no road map is seen. Perhaps, the additions that might come will include further development of the website to make the tools better and then providing a mobile version of the project.

Conclusion describes Zelwin Finance the online trading platform where digital assets and e-commerce are combined and of course, this is one such platform existing with DeFi services. Zelwin Finance will enable anyone to shop and pay easily, raise funds through its IDO Launchpad, exchange one crypto asset for another or fiat.


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