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Play, Fight, Build & Earn in the League of Empire Metaverse



Traditional games featured a series of exciting game plays where players can have fun, battle, build structures, etc. An example is Fortnite where gamers can play numerous game modes that involve watching concerts, building Islands, fighting, and more, all for free.
While traditional games allowed players to have fun, gamers do not earn from playing games except on special arrangement like staked tournaments. Blockchain-based games now allowed gamers to earn money while playing. Example of these games are, Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, God’s Unchained, and Crypto Beasts. New games with unique gameplays and reward system continues to come to the market, and one of them is the League of Empires game.

What is League of Empires?

League of Empires is a blockchain MMORTS (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game) where users can play, fight, conquer and build empires using NFTs. While doing all of these, they have also earned in the process.
The game was launched in 2022 and is built on the BNBChain Network. It presents a 3D immersive virtual world experience for players who train their virtual avatars to fight and conquer territories by deploying several strategies.

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Features & Functionalities of League of Empires

To play in the League of Empires ecosystem, players need to get their armies ready for battle by training them and equipping them with artillery. The artillery can be built in the artillery workshop, bought, and sold in the marketplace. Each battle that is fought involves setting out a strategy to fight and win as many cities as possible.
These battles occur on the land that is an NFT and for each area conquered, the player gain assets to equip their empire. These lands can also be bought, sold, and rented to other players in the game thereby bringing more income for the owner.
There are two basic game modes – PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment. Players can start with the PvE mode and progress to PvP after increasing their proficiency.
Players can also decide to form an alliance and fight another team. Alliances provide more defence and increase the chance of winning battles. Tournaments, which involve long-term fights over time, are also available to players. However, for each conquest, there are resources gathered by the winners.

Team, and Road Map Behind the Project

Heading the team as CEO and Co-Founder is Shahid Pervaiz, and Trev Emerson as the CTO and Co-Founder. See the other team members here. Meanwhile,Seedify stands as the advisory organization for the project.
The idea for League of Empires started in September 2021 with idea assessment, project feasibility, research, resource gathering, team building, and SWOT analysis.
By the end of 2021, the plan was to have documentation of the game design, website design and development, marketplace design, and release of whitepaper amongst other steps.
The team planned 2022 to be focused on the launch of the website, and social media accounts; auditing of smart contract and building of community; partnerships with seed, private & public rounds; NFT Marketplace launch, and Alpha game release

Tokenomics of League of Empires

$LOE token is the digital native cryptocurrency of the League of Empires game designed for in-game purchases as well as a reward system for players. It serves as a utility and governance token hence, holders can influence decisions made in the development of the game. $LOE is built as a BEP20 token on the BNB Chain Network.
According to the team, the total supply is 300,000,000 and is distributed thus:

Seed Round 4%; Private Round 7.33%; Public Round, Team, and Marketing get 10% each; Advisors and Free Allocation KOL receives 2% each; KOL Round 1%; Reserves 9.68%; Liquidity 5%; Play to Earn 33%, and Staking and Farm takes 6%. See more about the charts here.
League of Empires has other competitive games like League of Kingdoms, Sidus Heroes, DragonSB, and Outer Ring MMO in the 3D game world but it is said to be the first real-time strategy game. And so far, the game that was designed with an impressive 3D graphic design, has 31k plus Telegram community members, and over 60,000 followers on Twitter showing good community growth and potential for more advancement.
Always remember to do your research before investing.

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