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Top 6 Launchpads on The Open Network (TON)



Discover the top 6 launchpads on The Open Network (TON) that are driving innovation and offering unique opportunities for blockchain projects.

Crypto launchpads serve as platforms for blockchain projects aiming to secure early-stage funding through token sales. These platforms offer a safe environment for fundraising, enabling investors to participate early in potentially lucrative ventures.

Prospective projects usually apply to these launchpads by submitting detailed proposals, including business plans, whitepapers, and marketing strategies. The launchpads then manage the token sales, allowing investors to purchase tokens. Additionally, they provide essential liquidity and aid in the project’s overall development.

On the TON blockchain, which hit an impressive Total Volume Locked (TVL) of $600 million in June 2024, an abundance of projects are either live or in the pipeline. Some of these innovative projects have been supported by launchpads hosted on the TON network.

Below is a curated list of the top 6 launchpads thriving on the TON blockchain:


TONStarter is the first launchpad on the TON blockchain, enabling crypto projects to raise capital through public and private token sales in a decentralized, secure, and user-friendly environment. Founded in 2022 by Alex Plotvinov and Sergey Chikirev, TONStarter offers comprehensive support for projects integrating with TON and Telegram.

TONStarter assists with technical integration, tokenomics design, marketing, and community building, providing access to its extensive network of ecosystem contacts. Features include customizable token sales, liquidity provisioning, and community engagement tools, all designed to foster collaboration and growth within the TON ecosystem.

Beyond its launchpad services, TONStarter operates as a marketplace for high-quality NFT collections and digital artists on the TON blockchain. To date, it has supported 15 Web3 projects, including Bemo, Fanton, Storm, Evaa Protocol, and STON.Fi. TONStarter has raised $1.5 million from investors such as Ash Park Capital, Baboon VC, DWF Labs, and


TONsale offers a platform for projects to raise funds and launch tokens with security and transparency on the TON network. It enables capital generation through public and private token sales. The leadership team includes Esme DeWalt as CEO, Rima Paterson as CTO, and Stefan Barr heading the product division.

Examining its product features, TONSale supports the creation of presales and fair launches, while TONMint aids in token generation. TONLock ensures tokens are securely locked and vested by the team, and TONDrop efficiently manages and executes airdrops.

Additionally, TONSocialFi, TONBot, and TONHub simplify marketing efforts and further development on the platform. TONsale also offers technical support, provides guidance on tokenomics, and grants access to the TON ecosystem network, facilitating seamless project integration within the TON framework.


GAGARIN World is a platform dedicated to incubating projects and launching new initiatives on the TON blockchain. Its mission is to support the development of the TON ecosystem by offering resources, expertise, and a collaborative environment for emerging projects.

ICYMI: DEXes are a critical component of the Web3 economy, and the top 10 on the Open Network.

GAGARIN has successfully helped projects raised $1.2 million from over 2,000 contributors. The platform boasts 7 GFT clients, 49 active projects, and its native token, $GGR. Its community is substantial, with over 32,000 members on Telegram and more than 140,000 followers on Twitter.

To date, GAGARIN has partnered with leading Web3 firms and venture capitalists, including OKX, Bitgert, Babylons, Polygon DAO, Kommunitas, DcentraLab, RedHat, Gotbit, Galaxy Ventures, Tiger Ventures, and more. The only team member mentioned is Roman Nguyen, CTO & Co-founder.

TON INU Launchpad

The TON INU Launchpad, entirely based on the TON blockchain, serves as a seamless on-chain platform for initiating and launching new Jetton projects. It provides a decentralized environment for creating these native token projects.

The ecosystem includes the launchpad infrastructure itself, the TON INU Scanner for tracking token data, a Telegram buy bot, and a secure locker for pre- and post-launch token management.

As stated on its website, there are nearly 90 upcoming projects on the TON INU Launchpad, featuring names like NakamoTon Candy Machine, Hamster Kombat, and Bull Cat. In addition, TON INU Launchpad offers a token named $TINU, integrated with swapping, charting, and NFT functionalities.


TONpad is a token launch protocol built on the TON blockchain, driven by its vibrant community. It offers a platform for projects to raise capital and launch tokens, while enabling community members to engage and support these ventures.

Launched on the mainnet on June 18, 2024, TONpad encompasses three key features: TONlaunch, TONdrop, and TONcook. TONlaunch allows users to discover and invest in new projects and await their rewards.

TONdrop specializes in airdrops, empowering users to choose investments, participate in launches, and claim rewards. Meanwhile, TONpad Cook hosts emerging TON-based projects curated by the TONpad team, with backing from top crypto venture capitalists.


PizzaTon launchpad serves as the B2B hub within the PizzaTon ecosystem, geared towards aiding startups, crypto tokens, and NFT collections in securing funds, attracting users, gaining visibility, and receiving technical consulting to ensure their success.

In addition to the launchpad, PizzaTon features PTJ tokens, PizzaTon domains, and PizzaCheques which reward Telegram advertisers. Users also have access to PizzaPay for executing blockchain payments.

The PizzaTon launchpad offers an all-encompassing platform for projects to gather investments, launch tokens, and actively engage with the TON community. PizzaTon is dedicated to making the TON network an approachable and user-friendly starting point for new ventures. Access to the launchpad is conveniently available through their Telegram Mini App.

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