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Top NFT Marketplaces on Solana




NFTs are the rave currently in the blockchain space. NFTs can be traded on marketplaces which make buying and selling easy. Marketplaces serve as a bridge between buyers and sellers by hosting collections and connecting them.

The rise of non-fungible tokens has been one of the most incredible advancements since the invention of blockchain technology. NFTs can be found on a variety of blockchains, including Solana. Solana is a relative beginner in comparison to Ethereum, which hosts the vast majority of all NFTs.

Solana’s lower costs and flexibility, on the other hand, are rapidly shifting the NFT marketplace landscape in its favor. Below are the top NFT marketplaces on the Solana Blockchain.

1. DigitalEyes

DigitalEyes is a dominating open NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain and the first of its kind to launch. It offers a reliable platform for users to develop, buy, and sell NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The platform offers a myriad selection of leading and new NFT collections.

The mint calendar, which shows upcoming NFT launches, is one of the platform’s most popular features. This allows buyers to get in on the ground floor of increasingly competitive launches, where being among the first adopters can result in lucrative resale yields and limited opportunities to acquire the rarest NFTs. The marketplace has a vast catalog of collections and supports a wide range of wallets. It is also simple to use. It has a 2.5% service charge and additional royalty fees.

2. SolSea

Solsea is a Solana NFT marketplace that provides creators with unique tools for creating and managing their collections. The platform encourages creators to ingrain licenses in NFTs during minting, allowing for more explicit and meaningful artwork licensing integration.

This marketplace also includes a useful calendar for buyers to track new NFT launches and buy them while they’re still attainable. Unfortunately, SolSea charges an above-average 3% commission on NFT deals. This price may be higher than that of some other options, but SolSea has unique characteristics that may justify it for many creators. There are a good number of collections on the marketplace and it affords creators more authority, however, it has a high fee. Minting cost $0.04 and 1 SOL. Every transaction is charged 2% fee.


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3. Magic Eden

With over 10 million unique monthly visitors, Magic Eden has a substantial market share and is at the forefront of the top Solana NFT marketplaces based solely on user numbers. Many users enjoy it, and it even has its exclusive collection called Magic Ticket.

There are over 7,000 collections on the platform and has begun to support ethereum-based NFTs. It also charges some of the lowest fees, at 2% per transaction. The marketplace is low cost and offers a large number of collections traders and collectors can choose from.

4. Metaplex

Metaplex is an easy-to-use NFT marketplace that takes a different approach than many others. In contrast to the strictly collection-based format used by many other marketplaces, users can create their custom storefronts where they can showcase the NFTs they’re attempting to sell.

Metaplex is one of the top Solana marketplaces in terms of fees. Unfortunately, users can only use the Phantom wallet to access the marketplace. However, for many savvy NFT collectors who use multiple wallets, a lack of wallet options isn’t necessarily an issue.

5. Solanart

With collections like Degenerate Ape Academy and Aurory, Solanart is one of the most popular Solana NFT marketplaces. The platform makes it simple to discover and explore interesting collections that users might not have discovered otherwise.

Solanart also offers excellent wallet support, with a wide range of options available, though it recommends Solflare in particular. This platform also has a higher-than-average fee of 3%, but its offerings are more than sufficient to justify that cost.



Alpha Art is a Solana NFT marketplace that proposes an assortment of unique collections, including the Piggy Sol Gang collection. This collection(the Piggy Sol Gang) allows users to stake their NFTs to earn.

The platform also provides ample wallet support and charges reasonable fees of 2%. Although its prevalent variety lags behind that of larger marketplaces, has enough unusual charm to deserve a look.


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