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Crypterns; Providing Blockchain Education and Job Opportunities



From innovative ways to create new value by tokenization to creating a borderless and more inclusive global economy, blockchain has turned the world around. For many, the impact is only in the financial market. However, that is not the true picture.

According to LinkedIn, the job market has shifted focus on blockchain talent making it the number sought-after skill in demand. This is how serious it is: Amazon needs them, Apple, IBM, and Oracle are not left behind. The industry has grown

In a 2020 survey by Deloitte, 55% of global respondents agreed that blockchain was pivotal to their success with a focus on cryptocurrency, banking, data transfer, security, and payment. Then, there was a 139% average annual increase in demand for blockchain jobs from 2013 to 2018.

Why do we have this going on?

Amongst other reasons, the major is the lack of adequate quality blockchain education to train new talent.

The Situation with Blockchain Education

Crypto education across the globe has been a real need, something that’s increasingly relevant as the industry matures. This need is one reason an Executive from the People’s Bank of China, Mu Changchun, launched an online audio course on the DeDao education app. The course, which was launched on August 4, 2019, is focused on understanding Libra and digital currency.

In America and Europe, the situation might be different since more and more schools from the region have started offering blockchain courses to students. Yet, it is not enough to meet the demand. Down to Africa, South Africa leads the park for schools with blockchain courses.

If this is the situation, what will be the means for driving the massive adoption of blockchain advantages? Some crypto organizations like Binance, Coinbase, The Giving Block, and more are investing millions of dollars to enhance blockchain education.

Cryptern: Blockchain Education and Jobs

For Crypterns, the challenge is to help cover the massive gap between what the market requires and training people to get the skills needed to transmit into Web3 as it’s popularly called.

Crypterns is an innovative platform that is centered on training talents to be absorbed into the blockchain market thereby meeting the demands for this talent.

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Features of Crypterns

The three major strategies Crypterns use to bridge the blockchain talent gap are certification, hiring, and education.

  • Get Educated

This is where it all starts. Although, in the platform, this is placed as number three. On the education aspect, anyone is welcome to gain access to blockchain and crypto knowledge to first understand what it is about before proceeding to other aspects like finding a career path.

These training might come as a combination of audio, videos, and written packages to suit all learning styles. No one can succeed in the ecosystem without having to understand what it is about – business owner, teacher, or freshman in school.

“At CRYPTERNS,” says the Website, “we are proud to provide access to first-rate crypto training and education designed for all levels, from introducing the basics of crypto to designing the latest innovations of this most disruptive industry.”

  • Get Certified

One of the most interesting aspects of blockchain education that is in vogue is learning via social media platforms – AMA sessions on Twitter and Telegram, YouTube – and other short courses created to give quick and immediate exposure to learners. However, there is a need for in-depth knowledge, specialization, and certification to prove the learning process.

For Crypterns, this is a major aspect to get talents who know about crypto to move beyond shallow knowledge into a deeper and specialized insight of blockchain. Certification shows authenticity, and a certain level of mastery that is directed.

  • Get Talent

The whole purpose of this series of training and certification is to be hired by a crypto firm. So, Crypterns help to connect firms with blockchain talents having the relevant skills to perform the tasks required.

“For any company thinking about entering the crypto space, there’s no easier way to do so than by starting with a CRYPTERN,” says the Website. “Our CRYPTERNS are ready to welcome your company into the future, sharing crypto principles, helping you apply them to your business, and seeing the potential that awaits you.”

The Crypterns Comic Book

The CEO and Founder of Crypterns, Dustin Plantholt, produced the first educational comic materials. Crypterns Comic Book was illustrated by Billy Martin and launched at the 2021 AIBC Summit, MFCC, Ta’Qali, Malta.

Musk, Shiba Inu and Doge are all names that are part of the storyline of the comic book. The entire story illustrates interns locked to fight with civilians in a dystopian world.

Other sponsors of the material are Life’s Tough Media,,,,,,, co-creators, and so many influencers.

Challenges and Road Map of Crypterns

The challenges faced by Crypterns will be internally first and not externally because the market need for blockchain education is so wide. Any organization that will focus on this aspect of education is exposed to a large opportunity to reach, impact and make a huge profit. What Cryptstern will have to face is finding ways to present the information they wish to give learners in the most effective way.

There are a lot of funds being released for crypto education that Crypterns can access. Some of its partners are already making that happen. However, on the aspect of hiring, sites like Crypto.Jobs, Cryptocurrency Jobs, Cryptojobslist, Crypto Recruit, and of course LinkedIn.

On the road map, It’s clear that the platform is still going through full development for full operations to begin.


Crypterns wants to provide the nsweranswer to the needs of the global blockchain market. And that’s what they are doing with certification, talent, and education. The CEO reiterates, “When you bring order to the chaos of distribution, you have Amazon. When you bring order to the chaos of crypto, you have Crypterns.”


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