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University Of Cape Town to Commence Blockchain Course by November



South African University, University of Cape Town (UCT) will commence a course on Blockchain and Digital currency education by November this year, 2021. According to the school’s website, the course will cost $693 and will last for about six weeks. 


The University’s website explains that the students who enroll for the Blockchain education course will be equipped with knowledge of the blockchain technology and how it can be applied to traditional financial systems. Also, they’ll be taught how crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others can be maximised.


Furthermore, students taking the course will be asked to enquire about the risks associated with investing in crypto assets. They’ll also be exposed to how governance and ethics in Blockchain can cause a change to the present financial framework which will in turn be beneficial to the society. 


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Relevance of the Blockchain Course

The overview of the course on UCT’s website highlighted the relevance of the course and the kind of individuals than can take up the course;


“It’s no longer enough to simply know about cryptocurrencies. With crypto assets and blockchain technologies growing at unprecedented rates, professionals need the ability to analyse and understand how the latest developments in the finance industry will fundamentally change the way the financial system functions in the present and near-future”


While explaining who can take the course, the overview stated;

“This course is designed for anyone with an interest in new forms of money, particularly those involved in the financial industry, governments, central banks, and individuals involved in crypto assets in their personal capacity. Those who want to expand their working knowledge of blockchain and crypto assets to augment their role will also benefit.”


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