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Thai SEC starts free crypto academy



The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has launched a crypto academy where users can learn about cryptocurrency from the beginner stage to becoming knowledgeable as potential investors. In a bid to help its citizens understand the workings of digital assets, the Thai SEC created the free platform to advance crypto education.

Attempting to invest, users will be equipped with the right knowledge to manage the risk associated with digital assets. “The more you know your investments, the less risk you will have,” the commission said.

Thailand is amongst other Asian countries that have taken a keen interest in cryptocurrency. Others are Indonesia, Korea, and Japan. Indonesia has plans to launch a national crypto exchange, Korea is working on a regulation to manage stablecoins as well as other digital currencies in the country, and Japan launched a research DAO two months ago to determine the threats and opportunities in Web3.

In August 2022, Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, the Minister of Finance of Thailand explained that in view of managing the risks involved in the crypto industry, the government is developing regulatory structures for the country.

Stages of the course

According to the Thai SEC, the first stage of the course in the academy is focused on helping newbies understand the foundations of cryptocurrency, the underlying technology, blockchain, and the market.

The important attributes of crypto, bitcoin, decentralization and the architecture of the peer-to-peer system make up the curriculum for the second stage. While the third stage is the history of crypto, events and important dates such as the Bitcoin halving, NFTs, the metaverse and the future of the entire industry.

Finally, the commission mentioned that the last stage teaches about diversification, investment strategies, asset management, investor sentiments, and the rudiments of price analysis.

A component of the course also allows users to examine their knowledge via a self-assessment test. This will offer good feedback on how the real world of crypto works.

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