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CryptoTVPlus Announces Commencement of Campus BCAT 2020 as it Clocks 2 Years in Operation



The first phase of Campus BCAT 2020 is scheduled to commence as from the second quarter of the year 2020. This phase which is to commence from the month of April was announced by the CEO of CryptoTVPlus, Mr. Tony Emeka at the celebration of the second anniversary of the firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

What is Campus BCAT?

Campus BCAT is a university-wide education program aimed at teaching and exposing tertiary institution students on the facts and misconception of blockchain technology and showing them the possible career paths that can  be followed in the industry.  

Over the years, there has been an uprising interest in cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology, however, for many such understanding and interest hasn’t been completely healthy, and for others, the knowledge has been limited. 

Campus BCAT therefore presents a platform and opportunity that students of tertiary institutions across Nigeria can leverage to grow in knowledge and if possible create a career path and follow.

Successes Along The Way 

Campus BCAT in actualization of its vision of seeing the spread of the knowledge of  cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology across the tertiary institutions in the country, has visited four Universities. 

The maiden edition of Campus BCAT was held at the prestigious University of Ibadan. The event saw the ingathering of over two thousand students coming to hear for the first time what cryptocurrency is, how they can leverage the blockchain technology to build the tomorrow they envision.

Other than the educational sessions, through our sponsors, students were able to own their first crypto. This was done through giveaways. 

After the initial event in University of Ibadan UI, the Campus BCAT train made its way to the great University of Port Harcourt where even a higher number of students congregated. The event became such an outstanding one, leaving the crypto mark on the minds of the students. 

From Port Harcourt, the Obafemi Awolowo University OAU saw and welcomed the Campus BCAT train. With an overwhelming influx of students into the popular Oduduwa Hall, Campus BCAT OAU was beyond expectations. 

The journey of Campus BCAT for the year 2019 ended at Covenant University, Ota where the last event was held. 

As much as the Campus BCAT team has achieved in the previous year, the successes were contributed to by both volunteers,  sponsors, speakers and even the attendees. 

Some Expectations in 2020

The launch of Campus BCAT 2020 will see a new wave of crypto awareness sweeping across the Nigerian State. 

In meeting its core purpose of spreading awareness across Nigeria, the organizer of Campus BCAT has secured a partnership agreement with CryptoHub to distribute the book “Crypto 101“, authored by Chris Ani to students of tertiary institutions across the country. 

CEO CryptoTVPlus,  Tony Emeka speaking on the 2020 phase of Campus BCAT said “The future is exceedingly bright despite challenges we may face in the industry. We have to continue teaching, instructing, guiding those who don’t know about crypto to know and come to the understanding of what it can do for society. 

“Campus BCAT will continue to push forth, and on taking the message of crypto to those it matters most.”

Through another arrangement, 1000 copies of the book, “Digital is the Cash” authored by Nathaniel Luz and donated by Dash Nigeria will be distributed to several schools in the country. 

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