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Move-to-earn: Get Rewarded For Your Everyday Activity on Actifit



Technology is transforming our daily lives; innovative technological solutions are having an impact on many aspects of life and living. Playing games, as well as physical exercises that help people stay fit; move to earn, have become rewarding. These earned rewards can be exchanged for other currencies. Move-to-earn promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering consumers an earning tool; an product with incentives that encourages users to engage in daily activities by rewarding them as they move around.

Actifit is a move-to-earn product built on the Steem Blockchain. Actifit provides a reward system for people to be active, healthy, and fit by leveraging the social-based concept of Steem, its fork Blockchain, Hive, and Binance Smart Chain. Actifit is led by Mohammad Farhat, a technical entrepreneur with global professional experience in the software industry.

How to use Actifit integrations

Users can connect to Actifit via a mobile app or wearable; the first device with which the platform is integrated is Fitbit. Fitbit has a large user base and has grown rapidly since 2018. Any Fitbit device would sync data back to Actifit, and the user would be rewarded. The team added an Apple watch feature to the iOS version of the Actifit app, allowing users to sync their wearable with the Apple watch.

Actifit Move-to-Earn: How it works

Actifit operates on a Proof of Activity mechanism, in which users’ daily activities are tracked and measured. Users must provide proof of daily movements in order to be rewarded. The Actifit concept of proof of activity is based on captured activity, which is automated via the mobile app. The mobile app or wearables would track activities that indicate movements made by the user, with a focus on steps taken. Following the daily count, a report is generated, and the data is transferred to the user’s Actifit account.

Factors Determining User Rewards

A user is considered for reward when they make a minimum of 5000 steps in their activity. At a maximum of 10,000 steps, the user is not rewarded for the activity outside of the 10,000 steps. This is the Activity Count factor that determines 25% of the user reward value. The activity count assists in preventing over-competition and abuse. Actifit, like Steem, prioritizes and rewards high-quality content in activity report cards. The Content of report cards accounts for 20% of the total reward value.

Users can engage each other with their content; likes, comments, and votes can improve the quality of report cards. Engagement accounts for 20% of the total reward value. A team of moderators monitors and rates the average amount of content received per day in order to identify and reward high-quality reports.

The Moderator’s review has a 10% impact on the total reward value. Users are ranked from 0 to 100 and rewarded for their ranks. User Ranks determine 25% of the total reward value. Each rank position is determined by the user’s amount of delegated hive power (sp), total AFIT and AFITX tokens held, activity rewarded, and last 10 days of activity count.

Actifit Token and Reward Process

AFIT is the platform’s “fit” token, which represents the team’s mission of fitness. AFIT tokens have an initial supply of 2,100,000,000 tokens. The AFIT tokens were created on the Steem and Hive sidechains and are intended to adhere to the standards of the Steem blockchain as well as the inherent nature of $STEEM before being expanded to the Binance Smart Chain.

The Actifit governance token is AFITX. It is also deployed on the Hive and Steem sidechains, and will soon be available on the BNB Chain. AFITX tokens have an initial supply of 420,000,000 tokens. Users can use the governance token to raise their user rank, enter contests, transfer large amounts of AFIT tokens, and get priority on daily voting rounds.

User activity rewards, up to 200,000 AFIT, are distributed daily through an assigned reward pool. As the number of daily active users grows, the amount of AFIT tokens distributed decreases to allow for long-term user rewards. The reward pool is constantly filled to ensure supply by allowing users who exchanged AFIT tokens for STEEM to return to the reward pool.

Users’ activity is automatically recorded in-app, and they are only eligible for one activity report card per day. When a user completes a task, they send an activity report and are rewarded. Reading, commenting, and liking other people’s content benefits both the report author and the user who is engaging with the report card. The reward can be in HIVE, STEEM, AFIT, or partner tokens.

When Actifit is supported with delegated Hive / Steem Power (SP), this support
enables Actifit to send out rewards to activity reports, in addition to the
AFIT rewards. Partnership with other communities also enables rewards in SPORTS and APX.

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Key Benefits of Actifit Move-to-earn

By using the earned AFIT tokens, individuals can cut healthcare costs and activate a lower health insurance premium. Employers can also encourage their staff to stay fit and earn AFIT tokens, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Actifit users’ state of wellbeing, allows them to become more active, healthy, and productive.

When users participate in daily sports activities, their spending on gym subscriptions, training sessions, and sports apparel increases. These fitness products can be purchased using AFIT Tokens, and users can also redeem special discounts. The Actifit platform can improve the relationship between the trainer and the trainee, and AFIT Tokens can be used to pay for training advice and programs.

The health and wellness industry can connect with Actifit users, accept payments, provide services and discounts, and use the platform to reach their customer base. To purchase advertising space on Actifit, they would need to purchase AFIT Tokens. Viewing advertisements will also earn users AFIT tokens.

Actifit users who prefer to use wearable trackers will receive discounts or be able to buy such devices with their AFIT tokens. Earnings from AFIT tokens can also be used to donate to or fund charities.


Our regular daily movements can be rewarding, and by leveraging blockchain and various earning methods, body exercises have become another source of income. Move-to-earn has combined two human solutions into one: health and income.

Actifit is a move-to-earn platform where users are rewarded for engaging in exercises that are often part of their daily activities, encouraging fitness and well-being while also providing a good way to earn money from daily activities.

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