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RunNation: A Move-to-earn Metaverse App; Run, Battle, and Earn



Did you ever imagine mere exercise could yield rewards?

The application of Blockchain technology is innovating the approach to traditional lifestyle. The sports industry is becoming more profitable with the concept of an earning mechanism that rewards individuals when they engage in sporting activities; this can be referred to as ‘Move-to-earn’. Many projects spring up challenging the traditional sporting system and integrating new methods of encouraging and engaging users and creating an avenue for earning from daily sports activities, however driving Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. A Move-to-earn project to explore is RunNation.

What is RunNation?

RunNation is a Move-to-earn metaverse application built on the Binance Smart Chain, pairing Blockchain, cryptography, and web3. RunNation combines health and lifestyle, NFTs, Metaverse, and Crypto. On RunNation metaverse, users get to earn from daily physical activities, and these rewards could be in the form of varying NFT KICKs (trainers).

Users on the RunNation metaverse have access to a unique gaming and fitness experience made available by the combination of decentralized tools and gaming. Players with NFT KICKs (the in-game NFT reward) equipped with their Metaverse profiles can earn by jogging, walking, and running. The general concept of the Move-to-earn puts in place a system that allows users to trade their earned reward for in-game assets or on other exchanges for real value. The in-game tokens on RunNation can be exchanged or upgraded to KICKs to improve incentives.

Early participants in RunNation receive access to an early signup program across the various industries, enabling them to gain adoption before the iOS and Android apps go live. The platform promises to give free NFT KICKs or STEPx token Airdrops for early signups. Benefits of the early signup program include beta testing, Telegram invite competitions, Twitter content, the referral program, community moderators, content creators, as well as referral programs.

RunNation Features

Daily exercise missions: This feature involves activities available to get users engaged in an everyday exercise to keep fit and be active in participating in the platform. Users are often challenged with being consistent in daily workouts, and this feature is believed to lend a helping hand.

NFT marketplace: The rewards in a Move-to-earn game are tradable. On the RunNation app, users can purchase KICKs and sell their NFTs to other players in-game or across the platform. Users also rent NFT KICKs to other community members. The NFT KICKs can wear out and are repaired in the game to increase the availability and frequency of earning potentials.

Adventure: the adventure feature involves upgrading users’ NFT base set and equipping their gemstones. Users can look out for Mystery Boxes to earn rewards. They can get in a 1 VS 1 battle or in-app global competition to rank on a leaderboard according to their performance and compete in fitness challenges to win. Also, a Crew Battles feature allows a group of players to organize an activity match against other Crews globally, rewarding the winners at the end of the event.

Other features include Upgrade options for KICKs skins, character skins, and maps. The upgrade is facilitated via traditional funds or crypto using the app payment gateway.

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RunNation Tokens

RunNation has a dual token model that features RUNx and STEPx tokens.

RunX is the native governance token of the economy and has a total supply of 500,000,000 RUN tokens. It offers stake, buy-back incentives, liquidity incentives, and burns.

STEPx is the in-game token a player earns from exercising and other in-game features. STEPx is also used to purchase KICKs, upgrade them, purchase Gemstones, and repair them. STEPx can also be acquired by staking RUNx for a locked period.

STEPx has an unlimited supply and is earned in-game when a user participates in Solo Mode, 1 VS 1 Mode, Crew Battles, Leaderboard prizes, and early access tasks.

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