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Polychain Monsters: Multichain Game to Discover, Collect & Play to Earn



Polychain Monsters started as a project from a Moralis Hackathon to create an ecosystem that will fast-track the cross-chain sharing of digital collectibles. These collectibles will be NFTs that can be used for in-game activities.

The team wanted to create for the future of the blockchain industry seeing that there will be a need for several blockchain platforms and so there will be no “one-size-fits-all”. Hence, the need to have a cross-chain system so that users can have free access to collect, share, buy, sell, breed, farm, and stake these decentralized assets.

What is Polychain Monsters?

Polychain Monsters is a P2E trading game built on blockchain technology with features and play patterns from Pokemon cards. Players can use the Polychain Monster, which is an NFT to participate in the ecosystem. These range from fighting battles, to trading, and other social activities.

Polychain Monsters was founded in March 2021 and two weeks after the launch, it was listed as one of the top ten ETH tokens. Before the name Polychain Monsters was adopted, it was called Polkamon creating a name class with the blockchain, Polkadot. And also, the word “Poly” was intended to stress the vision of “many” as against one chain.

How Does Polychain Monsters Work?

In the ecosystem, there are Polychain Monsters, collectible NFTs, Booster Packs that contain these monsters, and $PMON that’s used to purchase monsters and other in-game utilities.

Players can either have Polymons that are matured or release “soft minted” ones from the Booster Packs on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon. These Polymons have several traits that make them unique and different from each other. Such traits also affect their rarity.

The Booster Opening is done by using Chainlink VRF on Polygon linked with other chains and it verified the authenticity and ingenuity of the utilities provided by the Polyverse. Chainlink provides a fast and low-cost system that connects chains to chains in the blockchain space.

“Chainlink VRF is a key aspect of the Polychain Monsters collectibles experience because it establishes verifiably integrity to the protocol,” said Leif Eric Leiser, Polychain Monsters CEO & Software Engineer, “where each Polymon NFT is equally accessible to all players and securely generated to avoid the potential for unfair gameplay.”

Each Player has the responsibility to improve the characteristics of their Polymons. And this is done by engaging them in battles and taking them through training to learn fighting tactics. For each improvement, there’s a level unlock given to the player.

In the Polyverse are also two games: Polychain Island and

There is a Staking and Farming feature in the Polyverse that players can be involved in. This is done by collecting Polymons and using them in the Staking and Farming system.

The team offers an Incubations and Partnerships program to help upcoming projects launch successfully. It involves marketing and other customization of in-game utilities that will help the project utilize the already existing structures of the Polychain ecosystem.

Reverse Swap is another super feature of the Polychain ecosystem that was launched recently. What’s more exciting than knowing that players can participate in the Polyverse using their mobile devices: Android or iOS.

Tokenomics of Polychain Monsters

$PMON is the native token that runs the Polyverse. The ETH-20 token has a total supply pegged at 10,000,000. The token can be used across several platforms including Ethereum, Chainlink,

Token allocation of $PMON is as follows: 45% for the development team, 20% for marketing activities including partnerships, and awareness, 5% will be for legal and accountancy, and 30% will provide liquidity to exchanges.

It has been designed with a hyper-deflationary system that burns the token forever thereby driving the value higher if all things remain equal. You can get it here.

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Challenges and Road Map of Polychain Monsters

Indeed, the Polychain Monster ecosystem is one of the best designed and with good structures. The team behind the project understands what it means to have such a project running.

In 2021, its IDO created a 500% surge in user base. This was a sign that there’s more to come especially with the features yet to be released. However, there is Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdom, DeFi Land, Illuvium, Yield Guild Games, and more to contend with.

For the future of Polychain or Polymon, as the case might be, we await the release of land sale & collector airdrop features as well as farming on Polygon; deflations of Rainbow, Ghosts and Evolutions; PFP drop with Unidragon (a monster breed); 1st Gen Ending and Neo N3.

Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters

Team and Partner Behind Polychain Monster

Polychain Monsters was founded by three German software professionals: Leif Eric Leiser, Lennart Brandt, and Finn Hansen. And then, the team has grown to include other people.

Leif Eric Leiser is the team’s CEO and software engineer with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. He has worked as a Software Engineer with Tixl.Finance, and Exo-shop. Philips, Lufthansa, and Elbstack are other organizations Leif has worked with.

Lennart Brandt, a Software Developer, stands as the Chief Marketing Officer of Polychain Monsters. He is the founder of, a fitness app. And has worked with Tixl.Finance as UX designer and at Elbstack. Lennart has a bachelor’s in business informatics from IBS IT & Business School Oldenburg.

Finn Hansen serves as a full-stack Software Engineer and Chief Operating Officer at Polychain Monsters. He also worked at Tixl.Finance as a Software Engineer. Other members of the team are Alexander, Smart Contract and Frontend Developer; Anne, Executive Assistant; Dominic, Fullstack Software Engineer.

Daniel, Fullstack Software Engineer; Jamie-Lee, Senior Operations Manager; Jana, Content Creator; Justin, Fullstack Software Engineer; Lena, UI/UX Designer; Lina, Business Development; Madita, Product Manager; Sophie, Fullstack Software Engineer; Wolf, CTO & Software Engineer; Stefan, Fullstack Software Engineer; and Sebastian, who is a Board Member.


Polychain Monster which was formerly Polymon is threading the innovative path of entertainment, creativity, and economics.

Activities such as this below,

also shows that Polychain is a community-based platform. No wonder despite starting as a hackathon project, it has its game studio making it ready to storm the GameFi world. This project looks positive. Always remember to do your research before you invest.


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