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Grin Gaming; The Web3 Powered Predict & Win Platform



Grin Gaming is a Web3 gaming system founded in 2019 by Nick Bucheleres and is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. It is a machine learning and AI-driven technology platform that lets users predict live sports, financial markets, and Esports and earn crypto or cash in return.

Basically, Grin Gaming looks like a fantasy sports or sports betting company. Players enter contests where they predict games play by play. However, Grin Gaming also offers contests on stock movements and cryptocurrencies. Most contests have small entry fees that give players game currency to use during prediction contests. Grin Gaming takes an administrative fee from contest entry fees, and the top three contest winners split the pot. Grin Gaming is more interactive than fantasy sports and doesn’t make money the same way that sportsbooks do. Instead of betting on single outcomes for money, players must make multiple accurate predictions in a row to come out on top against other players.

Grin Gaming Crypto Contests

Grin Gaming is a platform for stock and crypto contests and they are not outrightly different from predictions about sports matches. Especially for Grin Gaming’s algorithm. According to the CEO;

“We’ve built a very impressive piece of deep [learning] technology that facilitates the whistle-to-whistle play prediction, and by virtue of that, we can really hook up any real-time data feed and populate a beat-by-beat prediction sequence therefrom. So, we have this great backend technology [and] we thought stocks and crypto is a great real-time data source.”

Like sports, stocks and crypto markets offer continuous streams of data that an algorithm could analyze. It could offer chances of price changes minute to minute. So Grin Gaming offers contests like:

  • Which of the two assets will change more at the end of the time provided?
  • Will one currency move more than a set percentage in the time provided?
  • Will a currency drop below a set price in the time provided?

Those are the questions Grin Gaming creates with a sophisticated algorithm. That constant data monitoring keeps generating questions, so players always have contests to participate in.

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Partnership With Smilecoin

In October 2021, Grin Gaming partnered with Smilecoin – a crypto technology ‘powering the future of web3’ to facilitate seamless SMILE Withdrawals. Users can connect the ALGO wallet to Grin Gaming and start withdrawing $SMILE freely to their Algorand wallet. The withdrawal limits are not tied to USD.

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