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How to Participate in the BetDEX Exchange World Cup Bet and Win 



The FIFA World Cup is an international football competition contested by members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA is the world cup governing body and the  championship is awarded in a four year interval. Crypto in sports is gradually becoming the trend, and could have a bullish effect on the market and, however, increase adoption. BetDEX Labs has leveraged the world cup 2022 and launched a decentralized sport betting platform starting with the world cup football tournaments. 

BetDEX is a sports betting platform deployed on the Monaco Protocol and Solana Blockchain. It is a decentralized sport betting exchange that facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions and provides a marketplace for connecting traders. The BetDEX platform offers traders an option to trade their opinions on the outcome of different sports matches using cryptocurrency. 

The platform as a decentralized exchange, in contrast to centralized exchanges (CEXs), is non-custodial; that is, users’ funds are not in the custody of the exchange rather in that of the user. 

Interestingly, BetDEX has launched Mainnet and introduced a no-fee sport betting for the World Cup games. Users can participate in the trading and betting platform on the exchange; however, betting on world cup football tournaments is without a fee. 

How to create an account and get started on BetDEX

  • Visit the BetDEX website and click on “Get started.” The page will redirect to the account page. To create an account, fill in the required details and click “Continue.”
  • Verify the account email using the 6-digit code sent to the provided email. 

Note: BetDEX also has a verification step for user personal details. To complete the verification, fill in the details as required on the personal details page. 

  • Connect a wallet. BetDEX provides options to connect any four wallets. Choose a preferred wallet and proceed. Also, users can skip this part and do it later when they are ready for a transaction. 

How to participate in the BetDEX world cup fee-free sport betting  

  • Connect your wallet and choose a game fixture.
  • Place an order using USDT

To participate in the BetDEX promo trading using BETWC:

  • Click on “Play now”
  • Connect your wallet and make a selection
  • Place an order user BETWC as a stake

BETWC is the BetDEX token, BetDEX Football Dollar. It can be used to wager on World Cup futures markets on BetDEX, and the earned profits redeemed in USDT at the end of the World Cup. 5 BETWC is airdropped by the platform to new users after 24 hours of signup, some Solana communities and on-chain traders also got airdropped. 

BETWC is not transferable and only used in the decicated World Cup futures market on BetDEX. 

To exchange or withdraw USDT or any cryptocurrency from BetDEX platform, for fiat, users follow through these steps: 

  • Send the USDT or cryptocurrency on the BetDEX platform to your preferred exchange.
  • Confirm the funds have been transferred to your preferred crypto exchange.
  • Follow the withdrawal requirements and convert the funds to fiat

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