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Blankos Block Party: Build Game Worlds, Earn in this Free To Play Mythical Game



Blankos block party is a high-spirited multiplayer online game in which gamers create their own content game. It is created to look like a real block party, focusing on custom art, design, and collecting unique blankos. It’s a play-to-earn game that rewards its users with free NFTs for progressing in the game.

Blankos block party is a free-to-play game where players can build game worlds with no coding skills required, and also collect, customize or sell NFTs of characters and objects created by developers and major brands.

It was Co-Founded by John Linden and Rudy Koch and developed by Mythical Games, a Venture-backed next-generation game technology company at the intersection of video games and economics led by industry veterans and it is located in Los Angeles.

Blankos Block Party and the Mythical Marketplace are built on a private EOSIO blockchain using a Proof of Authority model that is more eco-friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work (POW) model.

What are Blankos?

Blankos are funny and vinyl digital toys brought back to life inhabiting the Junction, and their world. Each blanko is a digital asset standing as NFT that lives on the blockchain. When you own your blanko, you forever own them, and not even the creator can take them from you. Your blanko is your NFT.

Features Of Blanko Block Party

Access to Customize

Being able to collect  figures in games is good, but what is the actual gameplay of Blankos Block Party? 

Mini-games! Not only will you be able to take your Blanko into battle in foot races, tag, shooters, and collection races through stages created by the team at Mythical, but you will have full access to a powerful but easy to use and creation system to upload your stages.

You’ll be able to control the number of players in a given game, decide which accessories are allowed to be used, and so much more. In essence, you get to create your content game.

Block Party at the Junction

The hub world in the game is called The Junction. It is a wide, colorful space with plenty of things to explore. The Junction provides a public space for players to shop, complete mini-games, get a handle on mechanics, and generally have fun together.

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Season Changes:

Blankos Block Party will feature seasons that change

not only the gameplay mechanics and general content of the hub world but certain Blankos will only be featured in specific seasons.

This means if you purchase a Blanko during season 1 and play until season 7, you probably won’t see that same Blanko appear in shops and it would have increased in value and ownership would have been changed.

Blanko Ownership:

 Mythical games  has made it clear that any blanko 

your own is truly yours to keep. Your blanko will come with a digital certificate of ownership that stays with the character no matter where it goes. While blankos will be purchased with real-world currency using your credit cards, you will not be buying them at random; you will pick exactly which Blankos you wish to purchase and players will be able to trade Blankos with one another. 

As earlier mentioned, a blanko can also be regarded as an NFT which can be used to play games in the block such as;

  • Shooting games
  • Collecting little gems
  • Tag
  • Block Mode (where you build stuff)
  • Party Bus (where you play games others have made)
  • Racing

How To Earn From Blanko Block Party

  • One of the commonest and easiest ways which one can earn from the blankos games is through daily rewards. Performing daily tasks to gain rewards gives you more opportunities to get perks to earn blankos.
  • Level up your blankos through daily quests or game modes that other players made. For example, you purchase a blanko for $10, you can level it up by giving it some cool skills and rarity, one that is an exception and that can be worth more than you bought it so that when you want to sell, it will no longer be the ordinary blanko you bought since you have added more skills and rarity to it through your daily quest. You can sell it for $100 or even more. That way, you have made money from your blanko and can purchase another to repeat the same process.
  • Another way to earn from blanko is by trading your blanko in the mythical marketplace. Most people do not have that time to begin to level up their blankos, they would rather showcase them in the marketplace

Factors that can impact the price of  Blankos in the marketplace 

  • How rare and unique it looks.
  • Whether it is Unboxed or boxed.
  • Is it part of a collection?
  • How valuable does it look?

NOTE: For now, Blankos is only available as a desktop PC client directly downloadable from their website. 


Blankos is a free-to-play game so you get to have all the fun you can get. It is at your oisposal to decide if to look further to the earning part. Its features look cool and promising, we’re just gonna keep arms crossed to see how it all plays out.

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