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Top 4 Launchpads on Fantom



Top 4 Launchpads on Fantom

One of the fastest growing ecosystems in the cryptocurrency space is the Fantom Network. This article discusses the top Launchpads on the network. 



Fantom Starter aims to provide security and confidence to investors with the first launchpad on Fantom that thoroughly vets prospective DeFi projects and protocols.

FantomStarter is a protocol that empowers investors to take part in groundbreaking blockchain projects.

It allows investors to learn about projects and products, view their business plans and gain insight into the background of the companies and teams behind them.

The launchpad project aims to protect investors by carefully vetting projects and products before they are released into the FantomStarter ecosystem.

They are providing professional advice to help investors navigate the volatile cryptocurrency space.

The FantomStarter team has created a thoughtfully executed risk rating score to protect investors against scams and vaporware projects.

Their next generation decentralized investment protocol provides an intuitive user experience that makes it easy to judge risk and take action.

Fantom Oasis

FantomOasis is a project launchpad designed to jump-start the nascent Fantom ecosystem by providing both a means for innovative project developers and investors to connect.

The platform will support and incubate fledgling products powered by Fantom’s bleeding-edge efficiency and speed.

FantomOasis  will serve as a concentrated liquidity point for prospective Fantom developers and investors to connect, elevating one another in the process.

Speeding project funding and community awareness, while providing the tools necessary for builders to take their products to market, FantomOasis offers a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Projects that have passed a thorough vetting by the FantomOasis team (and eventually DAO), will allocate portions of their tokens to FantomOasis stakers.

In turn, the project founders will receive a number of benefits, including but not limited to: financing (initially in Ether, Fantom, or stablecoin, but eventually FantomOasis), developer advisory, auditing, marketing and strategic advisory.


Fantom Xpad

FantomXPad is the world’s first decentralized launchpad built on the Fantom blockchain.

The platform bridges investors with new innovative projects that are looking to launch their token on Fantom blockchain.

By using FantomXPad, developers can raise capital in a decentralized environment based on Fantom Opera.


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The Launchpad aims to empower crypto currency projects to raise liquidity, distribute tokens and assist the launching project every step of the way.

The main perks of the launchpad as described are:


Fair distribution

Projects launched on Ftmpad are 100% fairly allocated. Allocation is based on X amount of Tomb staked and burned prior to launch.

The X numbers of tokens staked per tier will be decided by governance.



FTMPad will showcase a fixed tier system, where allocations are solely based on the number of tokens staked.

Allocation is based on a first come first serve basis, combined with a max. cap per wallet.

With the availability of the Launchpads, investors as well as developers will have a very transparent and solid platform to work on.

This will encourage faster development on the network and enable usability of the network.


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