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GameFi: 3 Buzzing Play to Earn Games on Fantom Network



GameFi: 3 Buzzing Play to Earn Games on Fantom Network

Recently one of the most effective blockchain networks, Fantom is rapidly growing.

It’s recently had a lot of buzz for some interesting projects. We explore Play to earn games on Fantom.



Fantums are standardized Non-Fungible Tokens (ERC-721). This type of token is integrated into desktop and mobile wallets, blockchain explorers, and online collectible marketplaces.

Fantums are on the Fantom blockchain, one of the fastest and cheapest EVM-compatible chains to use.

There is the hope that this combination of a popular standard and the use of an efficient blockchain will create a lasting, worthwhile collectible.

Fantums are generativity created art, each based on a completely unique Keccak-256 hash.

These hashes are also mined during the Fantum Finding process.

Revenue generated is used to buy back and burn FOO tokens from the market. This is done through Sushiswap, during the mint or naming transaction.

There are hopes to develop a FOO ecosystem with profitable products and shared revenue.

Future products may include Fantom blockchain based NFT wallets, marketplaces, and more…


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Hyper jump 


HyperJump is a DeFi protocol with a fun token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom.

The ecosystem is built around NFTs, gaming, and tokenomics that will benefit the end user.

There are a couple of recently developed tokens on the hyper jump ecosystem. 

HyperAurora (AURORA)

A reflective deflationary token with a burn on every transaction after buying.

The burn rate is based on a curve against the price of FTM. The highest rate is 15% and the lowest rate is 0.5%.


HyperOrillium (ORI)

Our reward token for The Asteroid Field yield farm on Fantom’s Opera chain.

It can also be converted to MECHS in The Mech workshop to earn partner tokens as well as more ORI.

Hyper jump recently launched its version 2. This was called v 2.0 as presumed. It also saw the launch of a new token – hyper jump (JUMP).


The page also featured developments such as an easy migration due to improved designs and an enhanced user experience. 



All of the scary games and bloody NFTs are accessed with UNDEAD, the native token of UNDEAD FINANCE.

Warning: Holding UNDEAD is not for the faint of heart, it may be hazardous to your health and in extreme cases death by scare may occur.

Those with hands of diamond, who survive our haunted games will of course be rewarded. If that’s too much for you, you can also buy ghosts, spirits, or curse NFTS from our Deadly marketplace. – Undead website 


The features of the game include 

  1. Death Match

Gain access to 1st P2E games on FANTOM using the dead pass which can only be purchased with the UNDEAD token

  1. Play to earn UNDEAD tokens to add to your horde
  2. Adventures are always more fun with friends, invite them and play together! 


Those that want to eliminate the shackles that are binding them to the earthly realm and their current reality are welcome to join our take over with the UNDEAD Army.

The UNDEAD token is not bound by the rules of normal life and so can have many uses, all of which are detailed within our “DeadPaper.”
Take some time to read through it… Or not, it’s your funeral.

Feel free to question our dominance, but it’s your soul that’ll end up cursed, confused and left behind.

Fantom will belong to UNDEAD, so the only question is do you want to stand with us or against us?

The adoption of Fantom play to earn is much better for gamers because there is a much reduced cost do gas fees and also the Fantom network is claimed to be one of the fastest networks. 


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