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Medping’s First Distribution Phase Completed; IEO to hold on Latoken




MedPing has completed it’s IDO and is expected to hold it’s IEO on the Latoken cryptocurrency exchange. 

Medping is the first-ever decentralized healthcare ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology to solve real-life problems facing the healthcare systems in developing countries and the world at large.

MedPing’s mission is to build a solid foundation to connect the entire global health sector, ensuring that the disconnect between healthcare providers and healthcare seekers are eradicated.

MedPing will ensure standard healthcare delivery to patients, foster the emergence of cost-effective, patient-centered, and accessible care plans, create cost-effective medical practice by allowing peer-to-peer transactions, and empower care recipients regarding cost control.

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Medping has been designed to lay the foundation  of a self-modifying decentralized healthcare system. 

As part of  medping innovation to build a decentralized community, it is important that it also holds the native token $MPG .

This token will empower the ecosystem by enabling transactions, powering health data, storage, and health care value exchange. 

This innovation is also being used for governance, enabling holders of $MPG to initiate and vote for proposals on the medping ecosystem.

The distribution of $MPG tokens to the community  is in phases  so as to reward early supporters and followers of this project and also ensure it has a healthy long-term plan for medping.

The MedPing first phase of distribution has been completed through Initial Dex Offering (IDO) . It’s soft and hard cap was crushed in less than 4hours of its launch  and over $380,000 was raised in just 1hour.

Medping offered 13.75% (27.5M) of its total supply for sale at $0.025 per Token via its decentralized application (dApp)

As the IDO ended in a very short time, different concerns and questions about when the second phase of the distribution will happen began to rise from the community, especially from those who missed the IDO.

The IEO is scheduled to hold on Latoken at the price of $0.075 per MPG token. A total of 13.8 million tokens will offered for sale.

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