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Just recently our very own Blockchain enthusiats and Buidl Club Member the CEO of Beepmagnet Intl Groups was awarded a Doctorate in Management by YESBUD University Zambia. Amb. Dr. Don Gilead Okolonkwo got recognized for his academic excellence  after being tested in various areas which he passsed with flying colors.
Join us in this exclusive interview  as we go through his experiences during his stay in Zambia;

My Zambia experiences

As a blockchain enthusiast, the reality of Africa adoption, solution and contribution to blockchain space became clearer on my visit to Zambia . As a speaker at the just concluded ‘ Executive leadership Summit with the theme: The Heroes we deserve, hosted by Peace mind Foundation and YESBUD university Zambia, I was able to open the minds of delegate who came from different parts of Africa and beyond for the event on the need for African countries to join the education and adoption of blockchain technology not from a passive vantage point but from an active point of contribution as a Player, not a spectator or FAN.
My speech was focused on tactical and strategic Action to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology with case study of BMCToken, referencing 11 use case that BeepMagnet International group have developed and integrated during the design of BMCT blockchain, to solve Africa problems and support Exchange platform to boost Africa blockchain projects and currency pairs in the crypto exchange market. My presentation was focused on 4 use-cases adopted by BMCT and powered by Beepmagnet international group.
a. Sisibox to drive woman adoption of blockchain in Africa.
b. Mobdoctor to drive medical consulting exchange for Africa.
c. BeepXchange to drive digital and borderless banking service on  blockchain in Africa through SUREBANQA blockchain platform that powers SurePay and  SureSWAP.
d. QDiscount application to create a global merchant inclusion, to drive the distribution of BMCT master node and accommodate Fiat and crypto inclusion to gradually bring merchants to adopt blockchain in Africa.
Present and represented at the event were:
a. Hon. Samuel Losuron Poghisio (Senator Kenyan Parliament Kenya)
b. Kiwanda Godfrey Ssuubi (minister of state Tourism Uganda)
c. Hon. Elvis Martin (National Youth Ambassador Australia)
d. Hon. Anastacia Ndhlovu (former Minister of tourism Zimbabwe)
e. Amb. Eno Praise (co-founder/West Africa director PAN Africa leadership and Entrepreneurship development centre Nigeria)
f. Amb. Dr Hillary Emoh (country Director World Habitat Ambassador’s foundation ( WHAF INTL) Nigeria)
G. Amb. Dr. Babalola Omoniyi (Founder Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship development Centre)
H. Alhaji Dr. Aliyu Abubakar (CEO Real Option Limited)
I. Dr. Bright Echefu (CEO TStv Africa)
J. Dr. Onyinye Orjiarkor (CEO Valencia Poise)
and other Top African CEO and Change Agents were present.
The event was climaxed with the conferment of Honorary Doctorate degree to distinguished Africa leaders in various field of endeavour on their achievement and contribution in their immediate community by YESBUD University Zambia.
You where conferred what Doctorate?
I was Conferred Honorary Doctorate in Management
This means your designation will now become?
Amb. Dr Gilead Okolonkwo, yes!
What opportunities Did you see in Zambia?
This Question is very timely, I took a tour in Lusaka with other African leaders, this was our observation and findings:
1. The currency value of Zambia known as kwasha was high but not reflected in the economy or daily lives of its citizens.
2. Their local currency was scarce, not available as we visited 5 local bureau the change and their local currency was not available, but they had dollars. This got me thinking. What came to my mind was blockchain technology to drive digital and borderless banking. I saw an opportunity to tokenize their local currency to empower the people, I also saw a huge opportunity for QDiscount application to create additional value to the consumer and attract more people to Zambia.

I am using this medium to talk to African blockchain drivers to research Zambia, we have a golden opportunity there. 
‘The goal is to strengthen the purchasing power of Zambian local currency with the support of blockchain technology aimed at driving her tourism’ – Amb Dr. Don Gilead

Beepmagnet intl group will move into action to set the pace for other blockchain companies or enthusiast, our focus is education and setting the standard of USE CASE of blockchain technology from a consumer loyalty perspective of BMCT blockchain.
I want to thank the YESBUD university president and Chancellor for the opportunity to experience and share ideas in Zambia.


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