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Five (5)  Reasons why Elon Goat $EGT Will Get to $1




The crypto market is filled with a lot of surprises and while some make people millions, at other times, the surprises have sour tastes and can often lead to people saying they were rekt. 

Sour surprises aside, the crypto market and industry at large has a lot of opportunities waiting for people to pluck at them. 

There’s no doubt that the actions of the richest man on the planet, and who has always preached about interplanetary travels – and Mars being his most talked about planet beside earth, has had great influence on the crypto market giving a lot of the opportunity to make money. Especially, through bitcoin, and dogecoin.

When the world’s famous rich man, inventor and innovator makes a comment on a subject, the Musk Effect is felt. This has been seen several times on bitcoin, and dogecoin causing the cryptos to fly in price so high. 

Now, imagine a token created, attached to a monumental monument and dedicated to the “godfather” of crypto, Elon Musk. What do you think would happen?

In this article, we shall be looking at five reasons why the Elon Goat $EGT token will hit $1 soon. 

The ‘Musk Effect’

There’s no denying the impact Elon Musk has on the crypto market. From price actions on bitcoin to dogecoin, and the entire market, Elon Musk has continued to show us just about the efficacy of the ‘Musk Effect’. The team behind the Elon Goat token is building a Biblical-size monument of Elon Musk, and are going to present it to him.

What can you give a billionaire (world’s richest) running some of the world’s most advanced technological companies? The Elon Goat team has decided to honor Elon Musk with a monumental statue, imagined to resemble what Elon Musk is about, space exploration, renewable energy, rockets etc. 

The public presentation of the monument to Elon Musk is bound to have a great price action, and the public acceptance by Elon Musk will also likely drive the $EGT price northward. 

Crypto natives know what happens when Elon Musk tweets about a crypto. The full Musk Effect will be unleashed on $EGT once Elon Musk tweets about it. 

Development of an Ethereum Bridge 

It’s commonplace that Elon Goat $EGT is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the network is prized for its cheap and fast transactions. BSC is also ethereum virtual machine EVM compatible, this means that codes written for ethereum can easily be replicated on BSC and vice-versa. So, there’s a relationship.

And this relationship is what will be pursued in bridging the two networks to ensure that $EGT is available on the ethereum blockchain just as it is available now on the Binance Smart Chain.

The implication of this is that, the ethereum community will be able to bring liquidity into the EGT token and this will help to push up the price of the token on the market. 

In a recent AMA with the Team, broadcasted via the CryptoTvpus channel, it was mentioned that the bridge will be released and ETH whales could push the really high northward.

Buying $EGT with Fiat 

For a product to gain mass market adoption, a lot of people have to have access to it. This is what the Elon Goat token team is aiming at by enabling people to buy the $EGT token using fiat currencies such as dollars, Pounds, Euro, etc. 

Advisory Board

During the AMA, the Elon Goat’s Ashley Sansalone said the team is creating a Body in an advisory way that will be constituted by CEOs of companies whose market capitalization is in the hundreds of millions of dollars to billions. This is a way to further push the project out to the global stage. 

The Play to Win Game – GameFi 

According to the Elon Goat Tean, the project will release a blockchain based game. While other crypto games are categorized as PlayToEarn, the $EGT game is a PlayToWin Game and it’ll serve as a way to boost the price of the token, and improve community interactions. It was stated during the AMA that players will be required to hold some amount of tokens to play, and they can win cash prizes, and merchs. 

The crypto market is filled with opportunities lurking around, smart investors can only just have to look longer and better to cash the Gem amongst gems. $EGT.

What do you think of this article? Share your comments below. 

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