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Earnathon Foundation raises $45,000 to build a Blockchain Innovation Hub in Enugu



Binance BCAT Africa 2022 which took place in Enugu, Nigeria, on the 4th of June, 2022 will always be known as “one of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency events in Africa.”

Powered by CryptoTvplus and Earnathon , and sponsored by Binance, Bundle Africa, Boundlesspay, Xendfinace, LeadWallet and Smartguildio.

It succeeded in bringing together some of the world’s top blockchain and crypto authorities, investors, start-up founders, notable speakers.

Prominent personalities were the CryptoTvpllus, Earnathon CEO & Founder BCAT Afirca, —Tony Emeka; CEO of Xend Finance, Aronu Ugochukwu, as well as the co-founder of House Africa, Nnamdi Uba, and a host of other blockchain giants.

In attendance were some celebrities such as Alex Ekubo, Crossdabossike, and iDan Dizzy. The conference also gave its attendees the opportunity to interact and form connections through different competitive and engaging activities.

A lot of freebies were also won during the said activities. One of the highlights of the conference came at the moment $45,000 was raised by the Earnathon Foundation to build an innovation hub in Enugu. This hub will be among the first sets of innovation hubs in the South East region.

Speaking on the innovation hub, BCAT, Earnathon Founder, Tony Emeka said “we want to provide a platform for our people to build and grow. A playground where they learn, make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and be better.

We cannot produce innovative solutions if we don’t provide the right environment. And this is what we want to do.” The establishment of this pioneering hub would serve as a launchpad for future innovations. It would also provide networking opportunities as well as visibility for young techpreneurs.

Subsequently, this would enable it to grow effectively towards becoming a space for the development of future tech innovations in Enugu. This would be done by granting access to skills, infrastructure, funding and network.

These four (4) services are relevant for the development of any start-up. Peculiar to how standard hubs are fertile grounds for fostering ideas, this hub shall also be expected to proffer solutions to the problems being faced by tech startups.

Furthermore, it’s set to be a source of employment in the state, providing an enabling environment where tech enthusiasts, visionaries, and creators can converge to propagate and execute fresh ideas. Here are some other expected impacts of this innovation hub on the society:

Creation of Networks and Connections
One of the tenets of innovation hubs is the ability to enhance collaborations. Through seminars, workshops and other forms of organized training, start-up CEOs and other blockchain enthusiasts will get to connect with industry experts who possess valuable knowledge and experience. Also, mentorships can be formed in order to expose many to new technologies, grants and business opportunities.

Socio-Economic Impact
Innovation hubs are generally known for their socio-economic input. This hub will not just be focused on the revenue aspect but will also focus on giving back to society.

This will be done by creating awareness and conducting symposiums that would in turn develop pathways to draw in new business opportunities and investments to the state.

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Joint Working
The presence of the innovation hub in the state will work alongside blockchain start-ups to ensure that the internal affairs of these businesses are being run properly. Assistance will also be rendered where necessary. This assistance might be in the form of re-training, hackathons or incubation. There would also be opportunities to engage potential partners or investors by helping them to identify areas where their assistance is needed in these startups.
The world continues to rapidly evolve, modern technology will keep on changing the landscape of work as we know it. And with more startups springing up in droves all over the nation, the idea of the innovation hub is timely as it will facilitate and pave the pathways for growth in blockchain technology as well as the acceleration of the technological landscape in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole.

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